Mobile search giant UC said in turn triggered at any moment melee trembling

Sina Technology Zhang Nan

Baidu UC mobile search into the fierce reaction far beyond our expectations." In the global mobile Internet Conference held yesterday, UC chairman Yu Yongfu see Sina Technology and other media, said.

UC and Baidu in the past have good relations of cooperation, Baidu has been the default search engine UC, each company to develop new business according to their needs, this is a normal thing? "Said Yu Yongfu questioned.

copy Zhou Hongyi path

UC and Baidu’s friction in April 28th, UC announced the formation of a joint venture with Alibaba, released a new brand of mobile search engine – (MA), which accounted for 70% of the shares of UC, Alibaba shares accounted for 30%.

UC strategy can be described as a full copy of the 2012 360 launch search path. At that time, 360 is also based on the browser, quietly launched the search for the 360, and gradually replace the default search engine, just released a few days will make a market share of 10%.

It is reported that

, after what has been low-key development within four years, the Alibaba’s "search technical team and business integration as well as the original Baidu last year, a team of technical experts, and get the support of Alibaba chairman Ma Yun.

Yu Yongfu revealed that God has just released 5 days of penetration of the user has more than 1 hundred million in the domestic mobile search market penetration of users exceeded 20%. Expected by the end of this year, will reach 2 hundred million of user service coverage.

on the embodiment of what and 360 search into the rhythm of the market are basically the same, are the first to conceal their own brand, with "integrated search" or "search" fuzzy concepts such as excessive, and mature products, then gradually expose their brand.

Yu Yongfu said that the current UC only spent 50% of the channels to promote god horse search. Sina Technology in mobile phone UC mobile phone browser after the trial found that UC home has three main search entrance, namely the address bar, search box at the top right of the address bar and search box, which has all the default address bar search for what, whereas the other two most is still pointing to Baidu.

In addition

, UC in the mobile phone browser home and no god horse search navigation entrance, but Baidu search in a prominent position.

boundary friction

in fact, after the 360 release and search into the "3B war" "warning" and Baidu after the release UC mobile search brand what can be described as "cautious".

At the April 28th

conference, Yu Yongfu UC hundreds of employees to the site repeatedly stressed that his attitude to Baidu, he said: "Baidu is a respectable company, is the king of search engine Chinese PC era. But mobile search is a new market, god horse on its own positioning is global >

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