Ali cloud mobile phone and Amagatarai cooperation system screenshot exposure


mobile phone interface screenshot


system information display operating system called cloud OS


power display


telephone and alarm



              Sina Francisco July 12th afternoon, Ali cloud mobile phone operating system today in the news: in fact, the mobile phone with local mobile phone manufacturers Amagatarai cooperation, according to the systems spread out, Ali cloud operating system named OS cloud platform has been related, ready.

sina science and technology today learned more than Ali cloud operating system screenshot, involving mobile phone application interface, communication and SMS interface and network application market interface.

according to sources, the application of cloud computing currently has a number of platform based on the system, relates to the mailbox, maps, browser, input method and IM system, but the specific mechanism is not clear. A number of products and the content of previous exposure to Ali cloud is measured in exactly the same.

it is worth noting that the system built a network application market, providing a large number of third party applications.

according to sources, the system of the first entity machine will Amagatarai cooperation. Ali cloud and Alibaba group has yet to have an official response.

hopes to occupy the mobile Internet opportunities not only Alibaba, and control technology of millet Lei Jun, after millet technology has launched mobile phone operating system further optimized customization system based on native Android today, millet technology will also release the mobile phone hardware products, not to face direct competition between the Alibaba and the millet technology. (Cui Xi)

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