The traditional retail net air show mode hidden wings

over the past year, real retail downturn and online shopping continues to heat up, the "net" has become the inevitable choice of retailers. "Net" in this way, some small achievements, some had to leave, some are brewing a comeback. The traditional retail industry in the end how to net? How to choose the appropriate mode? Everything remains to be seen.


traditional retail industry have OCS

won consecutive years Chinese champion Darunfa supermarket last year announced a high-profile layout electricity supplier, established the flying cow network. Reporters learned yesterday, the flying cow net is in the closed beta, launched the late mid January. The flying cow network headed by Darunfa chairman Huang Mingduan personally, and Taiwan to join the senior business technical operations team Uitox, the first input 100 million. According to Huang Mingduan introduction, flying cow network to avoid the popular platform model, choose self.

in fact, RT is not in this industry net pioneer. In recent years, many traditional businesses have self built platform or hand in hand. As early as 2007, the Wangfujing department store began to explore the online business, in addition, traditional retailers, listed company Xinhua Wuhan Department also announced plans to enter the field of electronic commerce in the last year.

China Chain Management Association released data show that in 2012 last year, the chain hundred enterprises, 62 to carry out online retail business, but the sales of billions of dollars of only 9, the traditional retail business is still in the exploratory stage or road test.

retail business air wings

in fact, the traditional retail enterprises in the "net" of the road also is not as expected.

at the beginning of last year, Huarun’s online store for vanguard Moore operating aspects of outage; last May, Yonghui supermarket website on-line closed half month; lotus online business is discontinued; in July last year, the development of the electricity supplier channels Germany’s largest retail wholesale supermarket group Metro business is shrinking, not only the scope of delivery online shopping mall in Shanghai, Jiangsu and narrowed to Zhejiang City, Metro Tmall store also closed; in August last year, in Wuhan’s electricity shut down…… In addition, has more than 4 thousand stores in the convenience store gangster Meiyijia to explore electricity supplier after 5 years, still can not find a good model; and after two years of development, the high-profile net Grandbuy also is only established online shopping business model.

in the country although there are few corporate road highlights, such as intime’s electricity supplier website "Yintai network", according to the calculation of intime business earnings, 2012 intime net sales of approximately 560 million yuan, an increase of 281%. But it is worth noting that the intime network has not been profitable. Recently, intime network CEO Liao Bin burst to resign, there are rumors that the reasons for the resignation is too much profit pressure.

addition, China top ten enterprises, pure electricity supplier accounted for 8, the traditional retail industry was only and Gome online 2. China >

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