How soft in the forum into a tree

recently saw many webmaster (most entrant) mentioned some of the problems about soft, they say, is not how to write text, but can not find the existence of soft soil. There are a lot of people can get soft, managed to survive through the network reprint each other, but for most of the "civilian" webmaster, without those can exchange resources, early can only use some free promotion means, such as forum, blog, QQ group, Adsense website, promotion website etc..

a lot of people will think that there is no good cheap goods, do not attach importance to the promotion of the above means, in fact, free of charge is not necessarily not practical, as long as the use of good, it will make a sensational effect. For example, in a recent forum, "Jia Junpeng, your mother told you to go home for dinner." , you can say that the forum is not short of browsing groups, only to bring everyone to the topic (Ruan Wen).

what kind of soft seeds can grow into the tree of heaven in the forum? Below share with you in the soft soft rooting road and germination door:

a, the root of the road

want to set off a storm in the forum, the first to be able to survive the soft, which kind of soft Wen can survive in the forum?

1, the key word in the essence is not much. Soft Wen, is because of the ‘soft’, can be invisible to people trapped in, so as to achieve the purpose of writing articles. In other words, the content should be described from the side, the key word to appear as little as possible, do not want to do not add links and text will be ok. The most important thing is not to be K, and so soft Wen post fire, can be appropriate to modify, so it will be a good point, but we should pay attention to ‘degree’.

2, meaning soft hair. XuSanDuo because to do something to let the principle of respect, and meaningful text can make people not suspicious (even if not suspect will not delete). Can say useful soft will get everyone’s pursuit, is the right path, and the path of the just "curry favour by claptrap.".

3, the hand can not be soft. Good soft Wen first of all have to support themselves, the old saying: "I can do it myself, generally do not bother others". As much as possible to do a little bit, more support for their posts, because a popular post can only be promoted post position rather than K.

two, germination door

a soft article can not be limited to the K is not lost, or write soft text sent to the forum is meaningless. A soft Wen only get enough support to ‘sprout’ grow into a tree, and this can not be separated from the following points:

1, the title is attractive. This is an old saying, and this is because the title is really important. We know that in the forum, first see is the title of the post, not a catchy title, can let a person see the point? Good title to let people go to see the post, want to reply, it cannot do without content.

2, clear precise donations. Soft is facing the public groups, I want to know

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