NLVC Jiang Haotian the four major electricity supplier opportunity investment point

October 11th news today, babe Network hosted the 2016 China maternal summit held in Hangzhou. The meeting, Aurora director general manager Jiang Haotian said: "Chinese demographic dividend has disappeared, the rapid increase in the cost of traffic, this is the current situation of the electricity supplier market is very important. However, from the current population structure, 82 to 87 years of population birth peak has been born in a relatively good period of life, which is a demographic structure to bring a good opportunity for maternal and child electricity supplier."

in ginger Hao Tian, this generation of people before and after 1985 is China supplier’s core consumer groups, and after 90 or even 95 have greater purchasing power, "the two people driving the so-called" consumer "China, but the characteristics of these two groups have many different, for maternal and child industry practitioners, the greatest impact. How to serve the people, is the mother and child practitioners point of contention.

while talking about the capital of the winter, Jiang Haotian admitted that the capital market is now very cold, but he said that the electricity supplier industry still has four opportunities. One is the flow of innovative opportunities, such as through the small flow of the new mobile payment; such as getting through fight groups, community, content, network and other new red blood flow; such as a platform for new old growth or new traffic network health brand opportunities.

two is the opportunity to spin off the Taobao category. Taobao is the largest category of women, out of the beautiful, said, mother out Beibei, Taobao will be used idle fish separate. By optimizing the process, to further optimize the quality of the supplier and the chain, to bring a better user experience and value under the category of Taobao category, there are still opportunities.

three is an eternal theme of business model innovation. For the electricity supplier is concerned, the conversion rate, the purchase rate, the survival rate of turnover is very critical core indicators, the company’s business model can fundamentally improve these indicators is an opportunity. For example, now do content providers as well as the network to do electricity providers, they are committed to significantly improve the conversion rate indicators.

four is the opportunity to supply side structural reorganization. For electricity providers in this narrow field, is committed to changing the supply chain, do B2B, B2C mixed, like the u.s.. If this thing can be successful, there will certainly be a great opportunity.

below is the full text of the speech by Jiang Haotian, I dark horse editor:

China’s demographic dividend is over

the theme of this year is to talk about mother’s economy to build China’s mother and child, I hope that the mother and child, consumer upgrades, some of the electricity supplier to do some investment opportunities to share.

first talk about mother and child, since the mother and child industry, China’s population structure, the number of newborns every year and this industry is closely related. From 1980 to 2000, the national census data show that 87 to 90 years is the peak of the birth, the total population of more than four years of birth of more than 100 million. 91 years of cliff fall from.

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