Personal experience to promote specialization can promote

when the webmaster time is not long, but the play is not bad, website promotion experience is not a lot, but teach the new or can. In this paper the website promotion is Taboo — casually, website promotion notes – specific and fine. As a personal webmaster, it is impossible to understand everything, as a website promotion, it is impossible to use everything. Methods to choose the right site, the program to choose their own, with the most appropriate way to achieve the maximum effect of promotion, this is what we have to do. Many novice webmaster, always like to ask whether there is an effective way to promote ah, there is no flow of software to make up ah, there is no key word brush tool ah. As a little old webmaster, these ideas can also be understood, who do not want to fall off the moon cake ah, the problem is that the sky can not afford to moon cake ah. So, novice website promotion results are generally, one day down, busy, what they try to do, but what effect do not come out. To give a few examples: to flow it, well, plus QQ mass advertising. Results: made two, was crazy scold, not hair, lose face. Alas, try to post bar post bar. The results of how it? Do not want to say, too much hair, the direct URL was sealed. Listen to the boss said that a good soft wen. Mustering the strength, wrote a personal feeling, mad a few stations. Oh, tired, never wrote. What to do, but not what to do, what do not move the brain to do, how can such a good website promotion! Website promotion must make a choice, choose the most suitable for you, or you choose to do, as long as this one is done, your site spread out.

example 1:


always saw a lot of people say that tens of thousands of traffic do QQ group promotion methods one day. See this you may say, how possible, absolutely impossible. Oh, I want to say nothing is impossible, thousands of traffic, I can say for sure, absolutely can do, because I have done. Tens of thousands of traffic can do I do not know. Why can I do? I remember when a hand holds the latest animation resources, will add dozens of animation group, and then one by one with the main group chat, let him put me the resources. On the announcement, have spent the whole day with him has been McCain, on a lot of results specifically, forget how much, flow to the more than 2 thousand. What is the reason for my success? I chose the most suitable way for me at that time, and spent a lot of energy to do it.

example 2:


Post Bar is a good place, the flow of people is not really a little high, is a treasure of website promotion. But it is also a relatively strict management of the tube, the hair more rotten is very easy to be K, how to do it. My solution is to rob the floor. I remember the promotion of the broadcast movie website, because of my One Piece this update time, the latest animation can refer to the video places are more familiar with, while One Piece Post Bar every Sunday (Sunday is One Piece update).

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