Baidu clean up 3 billion 800 million illegal crackdown false promotion link is only the beginning

in January 27, the era of information explosion, the rapid popularization of Internet and the production of massive information, bring unprecedented convenience to people’s life, a lot of vulgar, false content also took the opportunity to mix the wave of Internet information.

now Baidu is the first choice for the national search, there are 10 people in each of the 8 people in the use of Baidu. These malignant content will naturally be the first impact on Baidu, Internet users will greatly damage the experience.

but Baidu "black technology" does not "eat plain white rice". It is reported that Baidu has screened harmful links 3 billion 800 million, site level has exceeded 100 million, most of the harmful information for machine intervention. Artificial intervention chain close to 500 thousand, site over 1 million. Although the results of manual intervention for machine intervention "not worth mentioning", but because of the spread of harmful information source is in control, so there will be a small amount of information from the machine, then French manual intervention is called final barrier blocking harmful information. Recently, Baidu once again added nearly 60 people review team, swap 3 class 24 hours of uninterrupted audit, and in the original machine and manual review process on the two, added a manual review as "third insurance".

can take the technology as the special skills of Baidu force to this situation, people are racking their brains released malignant information.

some unscrupulous advertisers will be embedded in the third block chain or PHP script in Flash advertising, Flash will jump to control cheating materials according to the IP, time, equipment and other factors in different states. In simple terms, seen at the time of the audit is steel advertising, in the evening or by train to see three hours, vulgar advertisements in the same page will be the same place. In view of this, the special group of procedures by upgrading the ape Flash material code analysis module, the initiative to find which should not appear outside the chain or PHP script content.

for a variety of harmful information, Baidu has been firm strictly, will not be tolerated "determination, focus on the multiple dimensions of the vulgar, false and fraudulent information such as checks and risk. Today, Baidu has a complete set of prevention, monitoring, treatment process system. After a few months of remediation measures, has basically put an end to such cheating materials. It is reported that, as of now, a total of more than 15 thousand Flash ban Baidu account, involving more than Flash material number of 5 million 700 thousand, which refused to violate the machine Flash material through a total of nearly 600 thousand. Degree mother for these small ads is also broken heart.

however, this is not enough to prove the "determination" of the vicious advertisers".

in addition to drilling loopholes, there are some unscrupulous advertising flagship brand of idea. After get the risk control words and word brand advertisers, fraud out of the Chinese primary school began to use synonyms, the Chinese homograph, homonym language rules advertising keywords "deformation", or in compliance in the vocabulary into inconspicuous characters attempt to evade audit. Not long ago, Baidu has investigated a

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