After the storm to rectify the site navigation will go how to breed rebirth

according to Sohu IT was informed that, as the Ministry of industry website audit action, and domain name rectification storm depth and further strengthen, a number of well-known site navigation station continued to decline in recent traffic trend. "There are a lot of knowledge, but do not work in just ways. To sum up, the site can be used to promote the navigation station ‘very yellow very violent’ to describe." When it comes to site navigation how to get traffic, an employee who has left the navigation station, said. The so-called ‘very yellow very violent’, mainly reflected in the use of Trojans, malicious plug-ins, viruses, etc. to promote and force changes to the user’s home page." Here, the site navigation traffic crash is not difficult to understand, the reason for this, rectify the storm cut off the site navigation station promotion channels.

and other websites, web site navigation is experiencing a severe test, some personal web site will be washed out, at the same time, site navigation station is bound to smoke again, will conduct a re shuffle. Next, look at the present well-known Web site navigation has taken effective strategies, and won the competition for a new round of blood flow, the client dispute.

has been hao123 navigation station can sleep without any anxiety, sitting head chair, mainly rely on its own brand, and Baidu’s powerful channel promotion and flow injection. However, with 360, 114 and a number of cutting-edge navigation website strong rise for hao123, although not care-laden, but also realize: "this two ill intent, will usurp the throne?" and around recruiting, storm, TT Player and a number of strong horse Zhuangzhi men recruited, bundled with hao123 the blood of the Everfount, transportation.

face hao123 action, look at how to deal with 360. According to the official release of the Qihoo, 360 security guards installed capacity has exceeded 200 million. Since 2009, 360 security guards to increase the promotion of the 360 browser. IResearch data research in September, the number of 360 security browser to cover the number of people in the top third, the domestic share of up to 15.8%. At the same time, the user in the installation of the 360 browser, the user will be prompted to set the browser as the default browser, and prompts the user to set the 360 navigation for the home page settings. At the beginning of 2010, ten million yuan investment following the "window of the world (The World)" after the browser, today again, the acquisition of the domestic second mobile phone security vendors mobile security, behind multiple initiatives is a huge flow of the 360 navigation injection.

114 also did not sit in to keep the usual high-profile hype at the same time, recently announced that it would start its own promotion alliance program promotion results according to user on the 114la website to get the union pay commission. 114 aspects of this placed great expectations, hoping to be like its open source strategy, won the overwhelming majority of users to actively meet, so as to bring the desired flow accumulation effect.

compared to the first three high-profile March, has always maintained a low-key style of cool 123, this >

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