400 months to buy the site failed to update the product may be a major wave of closures

yesterday, the domestic shopping search engine Amoy network through the September industry search, access, find that the volume data statistics and analysis and consumer research, the overall turnover in August and September the group purchase website was essentially flat, about 1 billion 900 million. However, from the perspective of growth rate, following the August buy industry growth rate hit a low of 1.05%, the market growth rate of only 0.3% in September, the growth trend of China’s group buying market in September has been completely stopped. Among them, there are at least more than 8%, that is, more than 400 sites in January to buy goods not updated.

The data

Amoy network, currently more than 89% of the market share by including Juhuasuan, Wo Wo Group, lashou, meituan, large group purchase website monopoly. Among them, more than 100 million yuan including Taobao, Wo Wo Group, Juhuasuan and other public comment in September 6 group purchase market group purchase website, accounted for the overall market share of nearly 80%; QQ group, jumei.com, another 5 sold out network group purchase website sales scale in billion yuan, accounting for about 12.10% of the market share; the more than 5 thousand group purchase website the remaining only has a 10% market share.

it is worth noting that, in September, the site is not optimistic about the performance of the group in the product update, only 38% of the site can be maintained within a week to update the product. There are more than 54% of the site has been updated within 30 days of the action. In the Amoy network group purchase website collected at present, at least 8% of the group purchase websites in January the goods are not updated, the current number of whole industry group purchase group purchase site more than 5000, that is to say in September at least 400 super group purchase website is a major adjustment, has stopped updating the website, or has been shut down.

a scouring analyst Luo Jing believes that after October, the situation is even more severe group buying market. Eleven golden week for the buy industry is a low season, does not rule out a number of buy site will usher in the early winter in October". From the market trend, in October the industry is likely to buy negative growth.

data from third party media monitoring company, from the beginning of July, love the burn of the domestic group purchase website began to stop advertising. The amount of the entire group to buy the advertising industry from July to more than 160 million directly down to less than 100 million, into August, buy site media advertising at around 60 million, and then low innovation. According to industry sources, the current group buying site in TOP 10, at least 80% have been stopped in television, outdoor, building and other media advertising plan.

at the same time, after the previous high net friends, happy group purchase broke massive layoffs in September, including Wo Wo Group, Groupon website has embarked on a massive "optimization" action. Groupon previously traced layoffs of more than 50%, while the proportion of layoffs Wo Wo Group or will be as high as 70%, only the Shandong area is the 7 city of Heze, Liaocheng, Zaozhuang and other sub station was abolished.

Luo Jing believes that the group’s website advertising

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