Women’s electricity supplier shopping platform Amoy powder it was 75 million yuan B round of financi

DoNews October 16th News Shopping rebate website scouring powder it today announced the completion of 75 million yuan B round of financing, the current round of financing by Chen Hai Lingbi (hereinafter referred to as: Chen Hai capital) lead investor, Semir investment in new Hangzhou, Zoomlion, LIAN and other institutions with investment.

scouring powder it CEO Liu Jun said, B round of financing is not intended to inject funds, mainly to introduce more capital on the market to help Tongren, scouring powder it well after the listing of three new board road.

it is reported that the current round of financing funds will be mainly used for the continuous improvement of scouring powder it user experience, enhance the scouring powders in the mass market reputation and brand communication, to guide the formation of large shopping experience system of multi-dimensional coexistence, continue to strengthen and optimize the domestic electricity business platform to guide business, adhere to the guide line, and the introduction of the sea Amoy business.

scouring powder it was founded in June 2011, scouring powder it four founders, three with Ali’s background, Liu Jun served as Alipay CEO wireless division is responsible for the positions. At present, the size of the Amoy powder users has reached 40 million, the proportion of its mobile terminal transactions reached about 70%.

December 2013, scouring powder has been Shanghai Jing Lin asset A round of financing. On the day before, scouring powder it has announced that the company will be listed on the new board at the end of 2015, electricity providers to become the first listed shopping network platform. (end)

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