Fund business bayonet Top grass roots work overtime busy enclosure


Internet banking is like a huge whirlpool, the fund industry executives as well as all electricity suppliers are involved.

fund industry association in September 25th organized a forum on e-commerce business in Shenzhen, who is still in charge of the electricity supplier business, but now become the company’s president personally attended." A fund company responsible for the introduction of e-commerce, this is just a routine business seminar, but fund President Liu Xiaoyan, President Deng Zhaoming personally Penghua Fund to participate in the discussion.

this is a high degree of attention to fund companies electricity supplier business details. Since the balance of treasure, the fund industry on the Internet platform into the white hot state. But in the face of the wave of the Internet, in which electricity supplier practitioners are in mania, anxiety, emotional confusion.

senior busy enclosure

"the leadership of the company busy with Tencent, Baidu, Suning and other Internet platforms, Jingdong executives, busy signed a strategic cooperation agreement." Senior staff of a fund company electricity supplier Li Yi (a pseudonym), the balance of treasure before the birth, to discuss cooperation with the Internet is by the product manager, business department but now all external cooperation has the vice president level executives.

send big head (big leader) directly to come forward, can prevent others from us out." Li Yi said that the balance of treasure so that the fund industry are aware of the huge customer base is not large platform, who can sign a cooperation agreement with the platform, who will be able to seize the initiative.

in this round of battle for the external platform, China, Yi Fangda, GF, huitianfu and several other electricity supplier business base is relatively strong fund companies accounted for the upper hand. They were the first to obtain the balance of the balance of treasure products issued by the balance of treasure products. In addition, China has a strategic cooperation agreement with Baidu and preliminary, and then grab the GF huitianfu cooperation with Suning issued class balance treasure products qualification.

at the same time, the fund’s leaders also pay close attention to the cooperation of other fund companies and platforms.

today, the media reported that the money paid through the first batch of four fund companies such as China and cooperation, said Baidu and China to establish strategic cooperation tomorrow. Large flow platform so few, a few cooperation, each time there is such a message out, we are very nervous." Chen Jing (a pseudonym) is the old ten fund companies electricity supplier, she said the money paid through open platform, many fund companies are doing system testing. But the first batch of four after the news came out, the company leadership began questioning the business progress and rhythm "at top speed".

Shanghai, a fund company electricity supplier personnel also lamented the fund industry to snatch the Internet platform, has caused a mutual pressure situation.

, each with the money to pay the progress of cooperation almost, but the final results have not come out, they will be very worried about variables. As soon as new developments are reported, they get even more nervous." Foregoing Shanghai electricity supplier personnel said, now >

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