These brain holes open more creative than soft NB

soft, is currently recognized as the most effective marketing promotion methods, its charm is that, a NB soft can make an obscure products once popular in one day, then go on top.

Another meaning of soft

, also called speculation, through the impact on the Internet, the media continue to expand to a person, a thing, repeated propaganda, is to attract public attention, and ultimately achieve the purpose of fame and fortune.

does have a soft "revive" the effect, however, write an essay of NB soft Wen is not simple, can be published in the major media is not easy, this is the soft company charges so high.

think, want to be famous, you want to make your own products like viruses spread, not only is the soft can do, can also be a good slogan, can be a piece of creative posters, can be a little story deep……

today to share a few of the old case, a look at how others will be simplified, but also very vivid, full of appeal.

1, the world population day, Durex: "when a Du, billion million".


2, the opening of a foreign detergent brain hole ads, "Fat no more" (no longer greasy).


Offbeat expression of

3, safety, high temperature resistant rubber shoes



4, "a dead-alive person" drama like glasses do you dare to use? Frighten good.


5, Canon camera, the thief can not escape the robbery, all my eye!


there are some classic words:

Nike: just do it

Dove chocolate: milk fragrant, silky feel

BMW: driving fun, innovation unlimited

millet phone: fever and


looked after, is not a second to remember them?

NB is not only a creative brain hole wide open, pure nonsense, more is the product features simple, the essence of which into the creative performance, let users in many flood information easier, we see our love.

is often these humble ideas, after the rapid spread of the Internet, the word of mouth among the people, the effect is more powerful than the soft text, the effect more

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