Young business electricity supplier in the jungle babe network to grow wild

if you want to use a metaphor to talk about today’s electricity supplier industry, but for the wild jungle threatened by growing crises. A tiger and a lion (Tmall, Jingdong) occupy the top of the food chain, overlooking the sentient beings; different subjects (vertical different category) of each animal in the jungle on the corner, but look at fiercely as a tiger does


in this jungle, babe network is one of the. Launched in 2014, with a half years on maternal electricity supplier head of the transaction, with two and a half years to break billion GMV closer to reality, and become the mother shopping entrance is the preferred mobile population of third years and the next target. Babe network this little meat, maternal electricity supplier upstart posture was born, but in the electric potential enemies in the jungle survival and growth, and gradually become one of the strong ranks, what is the unique way to survive


external opportunities: to seize the mobile providers and mother economic two outlet

mentioned babe network, mobile providers, mother of economy is the two major labels. Babe network founder and CEO Zhang Lianglun once said, focus on mobile providers is to adhere to the babe network. By the end of 2013 at the beginning of 2014 is the babe network ready on the line on the occasion, it is also the first mobile Internet potential. At that time, Zhang Lianglun and his team found that the mobile terminal line less than a year, the flow of more than PC over the past two years, the amount of. Therefore the establishment of babe network in decided to reinvent the wheel, they will bet on mobile providers. It is this decision to turn overtaking let young babe network.

 Compared with the old

business platform, has the advantage of network product design and development according to the mobile terminal people’s browsing habits, rather than copying the PC side of the content displayed on the mobile terminal, so as to ensure that the user experience is not affected by the size of the screen, which also gave the babe net new mobile overtaking opportunities. Third party Questmobile data showed that MAU and DAU babe network respectively 11 million 230 thousand and 1 million 950 thousand. From the data we can see that babe network user activity has more than a lot of the old electricity supplier, one of the MAU million level club.



back to see the history of the development of electricity providers is not difficult to find, all electricity providers are the beginning of a vertical electricity supplier, and all the electricity supplier giants are finally integrated electricity supplier. In the case of Jingdong, Jingdong is the beginning of 3C business, and later extended category provides a comprehensive platform, now even 3C still accounted for more than 50% share of sales, but also does not affect the Jingdong and Tmall stood together on the top of the integrated electricity supplier of the food chain. Vertical electricity supplier is Beibei network into mobile provider entrance, "we select the core category, to become the first mind a vertical category, it has the opportunity to become the extension category, a comprehensive business platform. If the beginning is comprehensive, there is absolutely no chance, because consumers do not recognize >

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