Talk about women’s marketing value of QQ space from QQ space gift

once the QQ space can be dressed up, attracting countless small female fans, and in this year’s teacher’s day, a QQ space of loyal female fans, because in the QQ space in the students give gifts, the "easy" on the headlines. The female teacher does not go into the future, we can find the two function space with QQ from the news, is a gather a lot of people, is a local news; two is the QQ space occupied the majority of female friends.



was born before WeChat, QQ from 2000 to now, about more than and 10 years, from the initial development to the QQ chat logs, space photos, talking, stealing food, parking function and so on, has precipitated a certain amount of users. In the era of mobile Internet fragmentation, there are still people like QQ in space, just like that of the classic game "legend", the past more than and 10 years, there is still a game player in the game to play, to join in. But compared to the legend, the legend is more biased in favor of male players, while QQ space is the majority of female users. According to the QQ space play released a research report pointed out that users report users play partial female students, female users accounted for 48%, and from the age of students accounted for a high proportion, report specifically pointed out that female students play in high proportion of users.

what is the status of female users in the Internet, in fact, their marketing value is much greater than male users. Remember in May this year, Ali do the first female entrepreneurs conference, Ma is the only male guests, Ma once said that the Internet has entered the era of DT from the IT era, the era of DT, is the use of large data analysis of the behavior of Internet users, and then put forward the marketing scheme, for reference it is said that Ali group launched the final logistics network rookie up to 24 hours of delivery, there may be some people think this is unbelievable, because want to buy Chinese wolfberry from Gansu in the northeast of users, even if it is also difficult to fly a day service, however, there are people Ali big data, they can through a year of northeast wolfberry sales, early use of warehouse prepared for your, "this is the magic of big data!", Taobao Tmall sales top three commodity is clothing, cosmetics, electronic products, and most of the women entrepreneurs The products are sold, and most of the "hand chop party" refers to the female buyers, this is the female users of marketing value, and netizens ridicule female buyers "Prodigal" the achievements of Ma Yun today.

is now online games including mobile phone games, web games, according to the relevant data show that Mobile Games users, the number of male female game player on the game 1.6 times, and the female and male game player game player, the game of love more loyalty, is 2.5 times the male game player, think in some games end to PC create a game of female game player atmosphere, what "beauty play", "Simon", "sold for equipment" and so on, now in the Mobile Games market has become the main actress game player, game player and game player men and women, pay more.

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