Fast sell through the end of the era of C2C over 30% goods have been off the shelf

February 25th news, Ali’s foreign trade platform is being sold through the rapid transition from C2C mode to B2C mode on the way. In this process, a lot of because of the more, but the speed of selling through the threshold of the small sellers can only choose to exit the sale of electricity supplier business……

learned billion state power network, aliexpress according to the investment schedule, aliexpress 2016 second batch of investment has ended in Beijing in February 22nd, and in February 23rd officially aliexpress will not access the seller of goods shelves, the Sellers fail or will lose their right to operate through the shop selling speed.

According to

billion state power network to collect data, and in January 13th the second batch of investment started when compared to February 24th, aliexpress platform in the quantity of goods fell more than 30%.

According to

billion state power network to understand, in December 7th last year, aliexpress announced the official launch of the platform investment access system, the platform for all industries to enhance the overall business settled threshold, in the whole platform range according to different types of business charge fee, and defines each store only business to select a business scope, thereby fully from the C2C model transformation into B2C mode similar to Tmall.


therefore, aliexpress opened a period of 4 months of access to investment, the first batch of investment access from December 23rd opening, mainly for 3C electronics, sports and leisure, baby category goods, this round of investment access officially ended in January 31st, and for access to sellers of goods on the second day shelf. Yesterday, under the framework of the non investment businesses through the second batch of goods, mainly is in addition to the first batch of other categories of merchandise.

transformation of the number of B2C products shrink?

that through this investment access process, how many aliexpress sellers are cleaned up? What will be the changes in the number of B2C after the transformation of aliexpress goods compared with the past? This billion state power network intercepted 4 important time points, and record the number of products sold speed pass platform each category are as follows:


comparison of the second batch of investment in investment access opening and aliexpress first day without access to Seller under the frame after two days (February 24th) the number of goods, billion state power network found that all categories. The number of products has decreased about 30%. Among them, the number of categories of goods accessories (Jewelry) fell the most, up to 39.4%, and Home Furnishing (Home& Garden) the number of categories of goods was the smallest, 26.8%. Moreover, from the platform on February 2nd second batch of investment goods sold in the category number can be learned quickly, in the second batch of investment before the end of the number of goods began to decline, but the decline is not small.

it is worth noting that, despite the fast selling >

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