Real name system has a space for development of real name authentication why so difficult

recently wanted to do a website, after much deliberation, the general direction is determined, but there is a problem has not decided. The website is about the registration problem


think this is a very simple thing, but to many times, think things seem small, but in fact it is related to the site throughout the life of the problem (from said), small said it is related to the problem of selfish money (oh, please don’t laugh at me, do not win the scandal ah). Now I have probably talk about, hope to get your help and support. At the same time to get your advice!

first I put the site positioning in the real estate category, specific words belong to real estate in which a small piece: rental. A good place, began to please technician to do, two months down, a prototype out. I began to apply for Alipay business, because I want to test them. (could be delayed for longer expiration time), in addition to the main location of the website is through Alipay to free trade between the landlord and the tenant, so the need for intermediary Guarantee Corporation.

classified information website very much, the competition is fierce. But what we see is just registered can be published. What is more emphasized not registered can also published articles and content (also proud of)! Although the website under the banner name said the United States is free, but how many people can really help to solve the problem of


because we are worried that the online real estate rental information while flying, but the real credible housing poor, no real! (see: 2007-9-13 21:44 source: Morning News). I read the article too, because a few months before I came to this city, I began to pay attention to rental information, but the phone call in the past, or the phone is empty, or intermediary companies, worried for a while. Finally through local friends to help find a house, but eventually escape the fate of being charged: property companies charge rent by 35%. (Note: the real estate intermediary companies received 35-100% rent based on this starting point) so I want to rent to the landlord’s hand real for the masses (cheap housing), it would have to try another way.

basic idea: the landlord in the website information, the site staff to verify each listings, verified by only after the news published by Alipay to pay rent, the tenant deposit (relative to the part of the city housing rental is very small), you can see the landlord’s telephone number, and then through the line contact the landlord house, on a good rent, after the contract book, will be transferred to the security deposit site, an important reason is of course to Alipay in the tenant did not rent to the satisfaction of the house, you can apply for a refund through Alipay! This is why to use Alipay’s.

so we made a decision to register members to be verified, verification of the contents include: mobile phone, >

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