Online shopping 30 days unconditional return will be implemented or caused a large number of online

          online purchase of goods, if you regret, 30 days can be unconditional return…… This is not a word with no reality whatever advertising words, but one is expected to introduce the provisions of. The day before, the "consumer protection law" into the second amendment procedure. According to reports, the latest revision has appeared in May 11th, the year after the latest introduction. Among them, the revised draft article ninth added: "for sale, sell, buy by phone home sales and other places selling goods, consumers have the right to return the goods within 30 days after the receipt of goods, does not bear any costs, but the impact of commodity sales again except."

merchants questioned the one size fits all

now in advocating the fast-paced society, "non line shopping" is very common, but the consumer complaint case also can be heard without end but the introduction of new regulations, but failed to make consumers and businesses open brow. Recently online also simultaneously launched an investigation, as of May 17th 8 at night, there are 9339 users participated in the survey, 67.5% of users expressed support to the terms, but for this provision can be successfully implemented, 50.7% of the netizens think that it is difficult to implement.

"this is too wide, if the buyer does not sincerely buy, have to return, I also do this business?" Electronic business users of an online selling tea to reporters, for businesses, if the buyer does not agree to return for the tea taste, like a pack of several hundred dollars or a thousand dollars after opening the first-class tea losses should be borne by whom?

also has businesses that deal chicken ribs

many experts believe that the move is more beneficial than the disadvantages for businesses. There are even businesses that will lead to a lot of shop failures. However, some shop owners think that this is only the "chicken ribs" measures, not for their business effect. In the Taobao shop Miss Zheng said that online sellers pay great attention to credit, buyers usually choose a reputable shop to do business, usually buyers in the transaction date within the proposed return provisions reasonable reason, seller will generally give returns.

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