2009 South webmaster conference the national well known webmaster will gather in Shenzhen

"2009 South webmaster General Assembly will be held in Shenzhen International Exhibition Center in June 28, 2009, this conference is a 2009 Chinese Internet trading and Investment Fair in the Forum meeting, the purpose is to concern webmaster’s survival and development, to build an interactive exchange for webmaster friends event.

the general assembly to share, cooperation, win-win theme, the meeting will be divided into three sections: the main theme of the forum to discuss innovative thinking; SNS community keynote speech, online games keynote discussion. Chinese leading Internet association will attend stationmaster meeting and speech, and invited "Chinese Internet history" author Lin Jun chaired, thunder, CNZZ, 51.com, Hansen, Comsenz Inc., information media, treasure net, fast Internet companies such as infinite odd leader and stationmaster net, Wang laggards owners and 55la around the famous as a webmaster, Shenzhen IT industry for 10 years the largest webmaster community event support.

Internet era of chairman Cai Wensheng, Dai Zhikang Comsenz laggards, community owners Dong Qinfeng, stationmaster net founder Zhang Zhengjun (graph king), fast allusion net Guo Jijun, old K, Chinese Yanhuang network, eight sector net net referred to Zhang Libo, Zhu Hai and other well-known Tesco chief Qi Qi to attend the meeting, around the "extension to webmaster innovative thinking, to create entertainment social the network game platform, the future application and how to develop, how to face the fierce market challenges, how to understand the VC of Internet investment ideas and other topics of intense discussion, further accelerate the core competitiveness of the South station. The meeting will represent the status quo and characteristics of the development of the southern site, representing the Southern Station on the Internet trend forecast, as well as VC institutions on the south of the Internet and recognition.

when the country’s well-known webmaster and Internet elite will gather together to discuss with the well-known Internet portal and VC on behalf of the operation direction of personal website environment and business modes, and further communication industry overall environmental situation, the positioning and development of local portals, vertical industry websites, promote communication and interaction each other, the soul of the collision, let south the Internet continue to thrive, inspire new spirit and forge ahead of courage, we need to be creative, we need to share, we need to discuss, let us have the webmaster and appreciate the southern New harvest.

in the opportunities and challenges of survival and development and the coexistence of 2009, let us out of the cocoon, poly dragon fly


grassroots growth on the road, we finally with your wind and rain peers!

needs to dream of entrepreneurship, but also the need for practical action.

"2009 Southern webmaster conference" look forward to your participation!

good opportunity, the South have always know how to cherish the webmaster……

detailed understanding please visit the official website: http://s.net.isc.org.cn/

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