Knight station Alexa ranking is Ali mother cleared

today, I opened as usual Knight station to download the template, suddenly spirits caused by me to the above query about your web site Alexa Rankings, but also the way and check the ranking. The results show that the results are as follows:


seen from the above, can see the trend chart, but can not see the data, no matter how many times I repeat the query, always can not see the data. This has sparked a strong curiosity.

I go online to find all kinds of Alexa ranking query source, and finally let me unlock the fog. It gives me a sense of achievement in the study of success.

The author found that many domestic

Alexa ranking query data, obtaining the Ali Mama Alexa ranking data, while Ali Mama Alexa ranking query tool is (, display query results for:


I had curiosity, do Alexa ranking error or Alexa data is cleared up? I find the official website of Alexa ( on’s Alexa ranking query, found that the results are as follows:


after the official data show that Alexa, site Alexa is not cleared, but Ali’s mother will be cleared of the station data, which makes the author curious about the matter.

I contacted the station for Knight knight, he said: "this is the question I know you said, but after we did not do what is carried out, and some aspects of the cooperation hongsing. For example, Kang Sheng today around May will be held in the National Conference of the general assembly, and Ali mother is often engaged in the general assembly, and Kang Sheng is a competitive relationship. Of course, Ali mother before using the discuz forum! Do for the community, then suddenly turned to phpwind, among them the specific strategic changes we can not understand, but you can know is Ali mother investment to phpwind, and to illustrate Kang Sheng competition, and will become more and more obvious. Of course, maybe not because of this cause, but at least you can let the webmaster know, Ali mother in Alexa ranking is not authoritative, but he will ban the abuse of power, individual stationmaster is unreasonable, after all, they are not Alexa ranking authority."

can be learned from the above dialogue, the domestic industry is still some confusion in the field of the webmaster, I hope the webmaster to get through this crisis, I believe the future will have greater development of the industry owners.

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