The country’s largest online gambling case involving the amount of 1 trillion shrink to 490 million

the main defendant Yang and other 9 people were taken to the court scene, the other 13 defendants in the city of Wenzhou detention center via video remote trial network. Wenzhou Metropolis Daily reporter Huang Pan photo

is involved in gambling over 9 years 1 trillion yuan, 689 million yuan of illegal profits —

the country’s largest online gambling case yesterday hearing

just trial is the luxury lawyers "suspended"

province top criminal defense lawyers for the defendants to apply for illegal evidence exclusion

9 illegal profits of $689 million, involving more than 1 trillion yuan……" In April this year, Wenzhou Longwan district police informed the case of a large network of gambling, there has been such an amazing astronomical figures.

this is known as the country’s largest online gambling case, originally planned yesterday in Wenzhou Longwan District Court public hearing.

was transferred to the court for a total of 22 defendants, because the case influence and attention, the main defendant hired the basic is the province’s top lawyers, including at least lawyers, Hangzhou Lawyers Association, Taizhou Lawyers Association, the Wenzhou Lawyers Association punishment committee director, there are two defense lawyers is the director of the Province of only two professional criminal defense lawyer firm, called luxury lawyers.

is nearly 30 beyond all expectations, because an advocate of "Baotuan" cases under the jurisdiction of the investigation organ, questioned whether there was problem of inquisition by torture, and asked the court to start the "exclusionary rule" program, the Court adopted a temporary decision after hearing a pretrial conference.

also just yesterday, media reports said the "exclusionary rule" is expected to introduce rules, such as fraud, threat, inducement, refers to himself, threatening witnesses, threat the defendant’s family and other methods are also included in the scope of the draft. This case is particularly concerned about the big network gambling.

case playback

police April bulletin

involved over 1 trillion yuan gambling money

in April this year, Wenzhou, Longwan police on a rare case of the country’s largest online gambling held a news briefing. Suspected of large online gambling case, is a chess platform called game456.

2005, Yang came to Hangzhou, opened in Gongshu District, Kay Kay Technology Co., Ltd.,, the main operation of the game456 chess platform.

on this platform, game player can be upgraded, landlords, golden fraud, Soha, mahjong, beef, Hong Kong five, 32 chess games. Game player enter game456 platform, you can buy virtual currency site, silver ", and its participation in chess as a gambling game.

investigation, Yang’s company, did not get virtual currency issuance and trading services license.


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