Wu Bo buy site rankings can sell after selling it

DoNews10 on Sept. 25 news (reporter Shang Jing) said the domestic group purchase site CEO Wu Bo recently in an interview, the group purchase market position clear, many small sites have been difficult to have the opportunity to succeed, not to make timely business transformation or sell a good price for their pot of gold earned, so that in the future road of entrepreneurship more calm. Some.

1 million award: next time pumping should be so

recently launched a new round of handle network promotion, sent a set of Beijing area real estate, 100 iPod and tens of thousands of 10 yuan rebate coupons. Wu Bo revealed that the current round of promotional costs close to 1 million yuan.

this is not the first big hand handle promotional network, had just released the iPad, Wu Bo will air 100 sets for the lottery, then several prizes were Coach handbags, iPod nano. And Wu Bo also revealed that it will be more large-scale lottery in the near future.

"what we’re thinking about is worth more than the house," a user on the web suggested to Wu Bo". Wu did not disclose the award on the design, but said the total funds will be close to 2 million yuan.


behind the award, careful users found that smoking property should invite new registered users to participate, "each invite a registered user, you can get a large", and this "big" is the ticket of real estate. With this mechanism, the handle network in the lottery added more than 100 thousand registered users.

Wu Bo said, do a lot of money to promote sales certainly want greater returns, but this is the investment side and their consistent idea: taking advantage of the momentum, efforts to force.

investor’s advice: go ahead

and I are "investors think so, now is the only time in my life I have the best chance for many years did not like to go into battle, this experience is more than ten years have never experienced". Wu Bo said the experience, buy from the model to the domestic market, and even to the development of the handle network is very fast.

Wu Bo believes that the advantages of group purchase mode by Groupon has been successful to quote, "Groupon has set the record for the fastest development of enterprises in the United States, only 2 years to reach the scale, this is like Google, Microsoft, big companies are unable to catch up;

on the other hand, in addition to a larger number of population, China has a high degree of social cultural atmosphere, so the group has a better development prospects and market capacity than the United states. "I like to go to the United States for several weeks, I only met with the assistant side; and in Beijing, a few friends may often block two hours car, in order to meet to eat a meal, the distance between people and people is very close to the


at the same time, Wu Bo is also very optimistic about the pace of development of their own enterprises, we are also more than the speed of the domestic development of the Groupon company, our goal is 3>

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