The pet dog network website second round of financing of millions of dollars

news April 1st, pet dog industry website network CEO Zhou Handong to the NetEase said, tens of millions of dollars in the second round of financing will be credited, investors still invest in the first round, IDG and Softbank Alibaba three.

Zhou Handong introduction, this round of financing in December last year to start, on Monday formally signed a contract, can be credited immediately, with a total amount of about $10 million, roughly the size of the first round of financing. The money will be used to expand its e-commerce business, including strengthening the sales platform "dog large warehouse storage, and R & D team, the" dog sharing platform preparatory work.

dog net predecessor was founded in April 2005, the baby dog network, is currently the largest dog industry website. In March 2009 the dog network won the first round of financing of about $10 million, is the founder of IDG, Softbank investment Alibaba and investment department.

and the general forum website to take the advertising profit model is different, Zhou Handong has always insisted on taking e-commerce route. The dog network business has two parts: the dog dog mall and big warehouse, the main products are dog supplies. The dog Mall for the B2C business, is integrated in the dog net; dog Dacang in cooperation with the 2000 Taobao small businesses to provide purchase channels and warehousing business, make the difference. Join the dog Okura Taobao distributors received orders, only feedback to the dog, dog by the network to complete the delivery and distribution, inventory, delivery is not the distributor. It is understood that the dog dog mall and large warehouse monthly revenue at 300 yuan to 4 million yuan.

Another example of

in the development of "dog dog to share" platform based forum, forum users on business electricity supplier improve conversion rate, emphasize sharing mechanism. Taking a hot dog bath appliances as an example, A users in the forum posted the use of experience or evaluation, he will receive the product 1~3% rebate (or mall, if you click on the B integral) A posts into the mall and buy the product, A users will also receive the product 3~10% rebate.

after the news, the pet industry website and dog dog network plan in 2012 listed on the United States, Zhou Handong denied the claim, saying their size is still too small, not to consider the time of listing. It is understood that the dog network currently has 4 million registered users, 20% active users. A large number of users on the forum pet, pet commodity demand high viscosity, but sales of pet supplies is still a niche industry, 2010 Taobao "pet" category of the turnover of only 1 billion 500 million yuan, which also includes cats, fish, birds, reptiles and other supplies, dog commodities accounted for only a small proportion.

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