Middle net red A4 waist Behind the network hot words consumption trend checking 2016

Abstract: what most people can buy buy buy? What are the new online shopping group? Are nouveau riche in which city? What technology companies are most purchasing power? The "2016 report" in the Chinese electricity consumption behavior revealed some interesting consumption data.


red, small target, field force, eat melon masses, A4 waist, thin blue letinous edodes, Yan value play, old routines, drivers, mainly to see the temperament…… In 2016, they pointed to the hand piece these hot words. Around the network hot words, what interesting consumption data produced last year? What most people can buy buy buy? What are the new online shopping group? Are nouveau riche in which city? What technology companies are most purchasing power


days ago, Jingdong twenty-first Century Economic Research Institute released the "2016 China electricity consumption behavior report", Jingdong based on the data of 2016 electricity consumption trends, user portrait, purchase behavior, payment behavior, brand preference and other dimensions are analyzed, and the network consumption trend changes with the past year "network hot words are closely related. The report of dry cargo as follows, by the titanium media selection and editing:

electricity supplier consumer trends tend to pay more attention to the quality of

electricity supplier from the consumer point of view, the highest proportion of 26-35 years of age, is the main buyer of online sales. The characteristics of its consumption is to focus on the quality of goods, pay attention to the spirit of pluralism and cultural and sports consumption, high degree of acceptance of foreign brands, is the core consumer electricity supplier led users.


users accounted for

occupation, white-collar workers and the highest proportion of the general staff groups, is the main group of Internet consumption; students and teachers groups to buy the user is quite large, occupying the entire platform of nearly 1/3.


users occupation accounted for

in consumer behavior, the further pursuit of quality, electricity consumption is considered to be another embodiment of the mature consumer model. From the mother and child, sports and other categories of global data, more and more Chinese people pay attention to the quality of consumption, the quality of attention is getting higher and higher.

report pointed out that, compared with 2015, the proportion of shopping impulse consumption has declined, rational comparison in the rise, the user is moving towards rational consumer attitudes. In recent years, the quality of consumer concern continues to rise, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu and other developed regions, the quality of the consumer has become the focus of the provinces and cities. However, the price is still one of the attractiveness of electricity supplier consumption, promotion of the role of consumption significantly.

at the same time, the mobile end consumer become mainstream, which also laid the foundation for the future of consumer scenarios. Embedded in the scene of mobile shopping, may become the trend.

tier cities electricity supplier consumption brisk

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