Pass the four handle network area manager turnover group purchase in an eventful year

the "daily economic news" yesterday reported by Wo Wo Group exclusive supplier questioned the payment of arrears have made new progress. In September 12th, Wo Wo Group said in a statement sent to the newspaper, the company capital chain is the question of rumors and slander, not be shaken Wo Wo Group internal anti-corruption determination.


of group purchase website, is indeed an eventful year. Wo Wo Group has not yet settled the debt crisis, lashou was the media broke the news that 4 has left the area manager. However, as of press time reporter, the person in charge of the handle network has not yet responded to the incident.

media reports said, northwest area manager left the resignation. At the same time, the northeast region, Hunan station and TianJin Railway Station each person in charge of 3 experienced layoffs.

this is not the first time this year, shake handshandle network management staff turnover event. Since the beginning of June, lashou chief financial officer Zhang Jian, vice president Song Liming, Zheng Bin, director of marketing and PR director Jie Wen are related reasons. And this series of leaving the news, and in August 6th, Wu Bo, chairman of the hands of the resignation of CEO network linked together, it seems more meaningful.

for this series of personnel changes are related to the adjustment of Wu Bo’s duties, the daily economic news reporter called the handle network, but the handle network has not yet given a reply.

it is worth noting that, in addition to changes in management, the number of employees this year to buy the site seems to be shrinking. In fact, buy site layoffs have started since last year. The data shows, the happy net, Wo Wo Group,, Groupon and 24 tickets, many group purchase website, were exposed in different degrees of layoffs.


, Shenzhen electric Agel Ecommerce Ltd founder Gong Wenxiang said, from the second half of last year the group purchase website spread layoffs, and did not stop at this year, just as the industry becomes one aspect of attention to reduce the low-key.

in the electronic commerce researcher Lu Zhenwang view, the current top ten group purchase website, since the last 3 months only public comment sales did not decline significantly, several other declining trend.

along with this trend, the event is also an endless stream of buy site payment. A source said that at present the top ten large buy site has appeared more or less delayed payment requirements. As a result of financial constraints, there is no way to pay all the money in the end, so companies will choose to give priority to certain channels of money. If the business became more fierce, will pay the seller’s payment, and then for the group purchase navigation and other channels to be postponed payment." The person said.

and now, buy the game between the site and buy navigation seems increasingly fierce. It is said that the recent ranking of a group buy site began to control the cost of delivery, requires the purchase of navigation and its cooperation to deduct 1% Commission, and the proportion was earlier this year, was rejected by the group Navigation >

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