Liu Jianguo Baidu and Google net love a band together to foster the wireless search of life


CEO Liu Jianguo

networks for loveMore than two years to create

from Baidu love to help network in association with Baidu Liu Jianguo in the outside world, and more to stay in service on your resume.

after two years of love and Baidu engaged in different search areas: Baidu in good technology based on smoothly into the domestic general search of "big brother"; in the net love a band led by Liu Jianguo has become the largest in the field of mobile Internet, the Internet search engine of life.

inadvertently harvest

"over the line experience?" a few simple greetings after Liu Jianguo smile to ask, before determining the telephone interview time, Liu Jianguo had recommended a "love to" free mobile phone client software, and proposed to the palm of the little guy as a full range of local life guide for don’t go to foreign journalists regularly, can be obtained by love to help the domestic 200 large and medium-sized city any travel assistance at any time.

Liu Jianguo said with a smile, with the help of this gadget go to any travel city will be like "half of the local people, because love shopping can offer include local food, entertainment, travel, accommodation and other 15 categories, fine to 156 segments of life information readily on-demand query.

and Baidu, Google is not a competitive relationship

in the search field, Liu Jianguo and his former club Baidu is destined to be compared. "Some time ago Baidu map enhanced part of the map information, I found that this is love has been realized in 07 years, but this trend will also love worry that Baidu will further launch on the search for life service? And in a disadvantageous position in the competition on


"more than 7 billion of the market, Baidu and Google could not enter, but love to help network has the best chance of success, we did not take the obvious detours, we experienced the track, regardless of which company to do, it will now go away and love to the same length. Because love has been on the road for nearly three years of exploration. The technology of life search now, there is no shortcut. Life search is very dependent on technology, it is unlikely to win market competition by labor, work load, and the number of servers. The first mover advantage and unique technology advantages, to a certain extent love for maximum protection."

"but I welcome them to join, because to a certain extent so that our direction is right, and Baidu and Google are not in competition, we will work together to expand the market, first of all let people realize the search for life convenient and practical in use, benefit after recognition of our services, the market."

to create wireless killer applications

Liu Jianguo said the industry has been the strategic focus to love to help network wireless application "speculation," we have a >

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