Wait for the face forecast in 2017 30 things Chinese nternet is most likely to happen

2013, 2014, 2015 respectively in 2014, 2015 at the end of the 2016, Chinese Internet may happen are predicted, some prediction accuracy, some did not occur at the beginning of the new year, 2017, forecast to continue to wait for next year at this time, was hit in the face.

1, personalized content platform subsidies end, divided into a gradual decline in the proportion of the first camp surfaced.

2, today announced the appointment of the chief editor of the headlines, start IPO, the valuation of more than $11 billion.

3, life service O2O reproduction merger, and buy, takeaway, movie tickets and travel OTA field.

4, Tencent announced the WeChat payment transaction number beyond Alipay, WeChat paid independent.

5, ant gold suit listed as the third largest Internet Co.

6, live into an important element of the Spring Festival Gala, the conference and the electricity supplier platform to broadcast more elements, net more red, higher value.

7, NetEase announced the cessation of one yuan purchase business, the user into the koala such electronic business platform.

8, Baidu to further strengthen the investment in the content industry, finance, content and intelligent marketing revenue to return to growth track.

9, following the Sohu and NetEase announced the adjustment of the content structure of the sector, Sina usher in structural adjustment, Sina, Sohu are starting to split mode.

10, the Internet Financial become small P2P noun, no one is willing to mention, "popular financial technology".

11, the first city bike sharing management approach introduced, subsidies and advertising war staged drops + fast pattern.

12, depending on the music funds to solve the problem, focusing on TV and mobile phone business, weakening the automotive and ecological business.

13, HUAWEI doll appeared in the county street, OPPO, vivo counter ultra mobile phone to regain top spot.

14, millet phone introduction of artificial intelligence concept, millet department store category doubled.

15, after Qualcomm, Meizu products more competitive, into the mobile phone first camp.

16, the hammer still praised, into giant arms, Luo independent products.

17, since the media failed to brush data from WeChat to eliminate the phenomenon, broadcast and other cutting-edge platform.

18, full access to video content era, the number of members of more than 50 million, have announced earnings.

19, watercress product revision, to strengthen the anti brush technology, some of the film and television work on the score, to strengthen the exploration of profit approaching.

20, QQ music into the era of full charge, VR into a new pop star concert.

21, Tmall and Jingdong launched the annual pay membership program, class >

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