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IT Times reporter Xin cloud map CFP

last year, when Alipay was held for the first time associated with the two-dimensional code activity, only let users read micro-blog through the two-dimensional code on the logo to donate three dollars; now, during the National Day holiday, some consumers in Beijing new world department store shopping to find the cashier queuing too long, simply to brush goods salesman requirements the two-dimensional code payment by mobile phone, intelligent realization.

two-dimensional code can be used in a very rich scene, the heat is getting higher and higher, but still in the habit of user training stage." Zhang Chao, director of the China electronics chamber of Commerce two-dimensional code special working group, said at the same time the security issues arising, the next will be the focus of the working group to solve.

low threshold can also have a profit point

"smart snap" is the forerunner of domestic software company in the two-dimensional code, the user up to about 32 million, although like most Internet Co, the number of users will initially be placed before the cumulative profit model, but with the two-dimensional code heat swept this year, they found that the gain inspiration was ahead of the arrival of.


, because the two-dimensional code is open source technology, technical threshold scan code is not high, the scan code software also use the Google engine, there’s not much difference, especially Tencent WeChat also started to have this function, some people think that many practitioners will not much space.

a two-dimensional code itself storage capacity of about 1000K or so, some people think that if more information, its capacity is not enough, this is a misunderstanding." Zhang Chao to the IT Times reporter interpretation, a large amount of information can be placed in the jump after the URL, and creativity is the effect of the jump.

so in this seemingly threshold is not high technology front, Lingdong kuaipai or found his unique market doorway. Snapshots smart marketing director Zhang He told reporters, in order to meet the needs of businesses in the video and audio information, made a lot of research on smart snap automatic realization technology jump after the scan code, the end user sweep code, directly jump to seamless video, no longer need to jump to a web site, open the browser, click the "play" button so, the user perceived to improve obviously. The use of other scan code software may not be able to identify this two-dimensional code: other software may only scan a url."

is a two-dimensional code rich rendering method, snapshots smart start to provide the customer package selection, can choose in simple text information, also can choose the video, audio, graphics into personalized business name, of course, choose the more items, expenses will be different.

fully covers the O2O payment scenario

since the display of goods is extremely rich, for the industry to consider the next step is to achieve the scan code and cell phone

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