Milan station Hot luxury business dilemma has been broken


Milan station to sell, stir the luxury business in a pond. LV, intime, temple library three companies participate in the bid for Milan station, an uproar in the industry. Previously, Netease Luxuries, Huha network such as the luxury business one after another collapse, serves network, the best network luxury helpless transformation, suffered winter luxury difficult. Milan station hot, what is the dilemma or luxury luxury electric providers spring


Milan station is not only a prostitute, but

creates a legend in Hongkong stock market, Milan. May 2011, advocate luxury consignment mode in Milan station in Hongkong listed, listed on the first day was oversubscribed 2178 times, an increase of 66%. Unfortunately, the legend of the Milan station did not continue.

Milan station reported, the first half of 2012 net profit fell 98.8% compared to the same period, only 386 thousand Hong Kong dollars (about 300 thousand yuan) of the profits at the end of 2012 from profit to loss. Into 2013, Milan station increased losses. Losses in the first half of this year, 10 million 300 thousand Hong Kong dollars (about RMB 8 million). Milan station’s share price plummeted, was listed at HK $2.6, now fell to less than HK $1.

shares continue to fall, escalating losses, to become the Milan station choice. It is puzzling that the international luxury goods giant LV, department store giant intime, luxury electricity supplier Temple library have thrown olive branch to Milan station, and why?

said objectively, behind the Milan station bondservants, means that Milan station operation problems. In fact, Milan suffered helpless bondage station, with luxury industry trends. Three enterprises and related enterprises to panic buying luxury Milan station, Milan station, let a person feel like a hot speculation drama.

LV (Louis Weedon) brand belonging to the global luxury Godfather Louis French company LVMH group. Another potential buyer intime, department store giant fields in Harbin and Hongkong city to start building luxury shopping mall. Finally, a potential buyer of the temple library, is a luxury goods sales, identification, maintenance, consignment all in one service business platform.

As everyone knows

dominant mode of Milan station, is the main camp consignment, LV and intime is the sales of luxury goods, the main temple library service. It is not difficult to see, Milan station is not only the poor management of prostitution, was forced to sell the helpless, and some took the opportunity to hype, not more capital on luxury electric providers promising performance. That more and more cases of failure, the luxury goods business has become a point of no return.

electricity supplier + luxury no future

luxury goods is a special category of goods, with the traditional idea is to do luxury electricity supplier is inevitable. NetEase is still closed down the product and call ha network, can be said to be a luxury + electricity supplier of a single stack, the failure is expected to do. Transformation of the Department of Commerce by luxury goods

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