Micro business 8 scam Crazy brainwashed known as the Millionaire

recently, 90 beautiful woman Zhou Menghan wish to burst red, the success of various media headlines. This does not want to quietly do a beautiful woman is white Formica rely on "Red Net" identity gathering popularity began doing micro business. Unfortunately, due to quality problems, by the good times don’t last long, many buyers complain. So, in the public eye bursting with popularity of net red derivative really so perfect? They are really can let a person become beautiful white beautiful? Today we grilled a steak the whirling derivative of chaos.

[pain] "XX good advertising Shuabing a single, let you say goodbye little thick legs, want to lean? Is to use the XX healthy diet". Some netizens joked, a good person how do the derivative of relatives and friends… The private space into micro business war, the sale of products without U. S. price is not cheap, it is greatly consumed between acquaintances to establish trust, is The loss outweighs the gain.

[brand is not famous? Star in] "want to know XX agerasy secret?", "world champion in my agent products, what are you waiting for?" the data show that the current market has at least more than and 300 mask brand, and many consumers are not familiar with the name. In order to increase the credibility, many derivative their products with a star up, consumers see their love the stars are not known with this product, immediately will automatically make up the brain as "trustworthy" products.

Do you have with me [

] 90 seconds white Formica beauty micro taking 8 months to earn 150 thousand, "she can you can also come to join us!" their beauty, money, depth, let every imagine like ordinary woman in their identity. Let beauty marketing more than heterosexual linger, on gay is also destructive.


] "chicken soup inspirational crazy brainwashed by their parents most you are a princess, you are up to the princess by her husband, on his own you are the Queen" and "work with me, the money" it is understood that the derivative of direct sales can earn twenty thousand or thirty thousand, plus the development of offline Commission, the micro District in 200 thousand yuan and month not a legend. There are lawyers on behalf of the sales of such products under the guise of the fact that there is no or very little sales of products, mainly in order to develop the way members of the way of profit, may be suspected of pyramid schemes.

[with say "three noes"] "if I told you this is XX a week, you will not be shocked", "beauty with 1 thin 1.5cm derivative through a large number of false propaganda, acquaintances marketing, so that consumers have a trustworthy. Know the illusion. Zhou Menghan sold the mask is a typical three products, a variety of adverse reactions of buyers haunt people.

is really a big purchasing [reliable] "genuine" now a lot of purchasing circle of friends become fake distribution center". In 2014, of a young couple is famous for selling copycat was sentenced to seven months in the face of "blood dripping" lesson is to remind you of purchasing risk, entrants need to be cautious.


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