With stroke passenger blog monthly income of 200

      beat off blog monthly income of $200, first of all to explain that this is just one of my ideas, has not yet been practiced, I speak out and hope that we practice together.

      1 do blog first to choose a suitable BLOG, that is, to have the necessary functions, but also have a good SEO. Basically to meet the following:

      to enrich the interactive function and convenient, can let users find comments and express their views. The fact that the search engine is more popular than the Web2.0 program I recommend Z-blog, the other also has a good, but I did not use.

      the 2 is to choose a project, this is very important, this morning a friend said, we can’t use common heart to do blog, we do not blog a diary, is not what some Notepad.

      we have to do blog is a distinctive theme, rich knowledge, strong professional personal website, the reason for using blog to do, because the blog program has been very mature, in the search engine of COSCO is higher than the weight of cms.

      followed by the introduction of specific projects, such as free virtual hosting, study abroad, English learning, network security, financial management and other topics are highly valuable. We choose one in the middle, to do blog

      you may be asked by a friend, how do you know these topics are of high value?

      the method is very simple, we analyze the profit of a product, the higher the profit it can pay the higher the advertising. For example, UPS power supply, the profit is relatively high, the general price of its advertising is considerable.

      at the same time to pay attention on the other hand, a high profit products, but the competition is not fierce, so its price is not high, such as in many stations on the Dell advertising, the price is not high. Because the computer sales in the field of advertising on the Google is not much, the competition is not fierce. By combining these two, we can make sure that the values of those subjects are high.

      the high value of the subject is not the only reason we are sure to do this. We also need to analyze our competitors, such as the word "finance", which we can

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