E speed loan suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits confirmed by the Huizhou Public Securi

with the gradual rectification of Internet banking work, Guangdong City, e speed loan platform was confirmed by the police suspected of illegal deposits from the public, the site is currently suspended withdrawals and investment in Huizhou.


source: Vision China

with the rapid development of the Internet finance special rectification activities, the Internet financial platform or will be more and more thorough investigation.

the morning of May 20th, a large number of police into the network spread a short video of a company. E fast loan company Logo, very clearly appear in the short video.

e then, fast loan said in a statement on its official WeChat: the morning of May 20th, Huizhou financial regulatory authorities visited e fast loan group headquarters routine examination, and group leaders and some of the staff conducted a thorough investigation and communication. The statement said: "the current investigation work is in progress, the end of the investigation we will give you a formal public statement, please dear e family rational view, rumors stop wise."

May 20th 14 PM, e speed loan announcement "your trust in its official website, is the force in our lives", and at the end of the big red letter: in addition to cash and recharge investment suspended, the normal operation of the site.

the evening of May 20th, the account owner is Huizhou City Public Security Bureau Huicheng District branch of the micro signal "safe for release," Guangzhou Huirong Investment Limited company suspected of illegal deposits from the public announcement of the case. ". The content of the announcement, "in May 20, 2016, Huizhou city Huicheng District Public Security Bureau, according to reports, after the early Mocha, dealt with a suspected online cases of illegal absorbing public deposits, the company name for Guangdong Department of finance investment limited company (net loan platform under the e speed, current loan) Huicheng police have the company’s headquarters, responsible person, the business department staff to review according to law, the case is under further investigation. Huicheng branch of Huizhou Public Security Bureau, May 20, 2016."

an industry source suggested that with the police confirmed that the next investors need to prepare their own investment contracts and other materials, to the relevant public security organs to report, waiting for the public security organs to detect the case.

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