Google intends to add to the size of this year the company donated 100 thousand websites

Beijing on March 30th news, according to foreign media reports, Google Canada business head Chris · O’neal (Chris O’Neill) local time on Tuesday said the company plans to provide a website to small businesses in Canada, encourage them to conduct business online.

O’neal said in an interview, despite claims that citizens online time is highest in the world, but the increase in sales of small businesses using the Internet and product promotion, Canada is left behind, "Canada has about 2000000 small and medium enterprises, only 1 million have a website".

market research firm comScore data show that in the last few months of 2010, Canada’s per capita monthly Internet access time of 43.5 hours, far higher than the South Korea ranked in the top second, the global average of about 2 times.

The most likely reason for

to ignore the Internet is that it is too costly, too complex, or unnecessary to use the internet. O’neal said, in the Google search, search for 1/5 local content, "we believe that the Internet for small businesses in Canada, is an untapped opportunity", Google plans to send 100 thousand sites in canada.

O’neal did not disclose the funds needed to provide these sites, including 1 years of hosting services.

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