Net loan barbaric growth deposit many risks around the Union four fight for the right to speak

reporter Mei Junyan


side is frequently more than 20% of the rate of return, net loan to participants to stop; while dozens of net loan platform collapse, the boss run away, cash difficulties appear, even involved in illegal fund-raising, money laundering…… Around the net loan of national regulatory measures are being developed, some areas have begun to try the relevant supervision and self-discipline, around the league, association four, compete for the right to speak, not the national net loan credit system of central bank credit system establishment and docking.

Chinese Securities News reporter recently learned, Shenzhen City Finance Office of public security and finance, market supervision, financial supervision departments, and other relevant units, to establish and perfect the cross industry, cross sectoral Internet financial consultation and coordination mechanism, according to the Internet financial development and regulatory needs, the development of Shenzhen City Internet Financial policy scope standards and the operation procedures and reporting guidelines, approved by the municipal government after the implementation of. It is understood that the Shenzhen municipal government, the contents include the "guidance on the financial support of the Internet innovation and development of the (Draft)" was not on the "Internet financial consultation coordination mechanism" timetable.

net loan risk barbaric growth as the shadow follows the form of

revenue spike balance treasure, which is one of the slogan P2P net loan industry. An average of more than 20% attractive yields attracted a large number of participants. Net loan platform, enter the crazy savage state, but also as the shadow follows the form of crisis.

according to the first net loan monitoring, from May 2013 to 2014 in January, the national P2P net loan average annual yield of 24.66%. From the beginning of May 2013, the monthly rise, to reach a peak in September, then decreased month by month, December to 2014 January dropped to the bottom, and a slight increase. Among them, in 2014 the national P2P net loan average annual yield of 21.98% in January.

from last August to the present, there have been dozens of net loan platform collapse, into the cash is difficult; this year, at least 4 P2P cash withdrawal difficulties, involving hundreds of millions of dollars of funds. Some investors in the eyes of a certain degree of visibility of the emergence of P2P, many investors have to mention now. P2P net loan company funds not only, the capital chain rupture suddenly.

net loan home researcher Ma Jun wrote, the platform problems for advance mode, namely platform P2P net loan risk reserve or Guarantee Corporation to provide principal protection in advance, the operation of a series of problems. Such as the subject of the right of security is unknown. Part of the net loan platform, using its own funds to lend to online, then online issuing (issued debt borrowing requirements), circulation, but the line with the borrower signed loan contract and guarantee creditors are related party platform, the main subject of rights guarantee contract creditor. So, these platforms called Guarantee Corporation to do security, in fact, is not confuse the public, safeguard the interests of investors, but the party’s platform.

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