The total number of global websites to break through the number of domestic websites is down or up 5

global website Wuyibanshu breakthrough in the number of above is "spam"

October 9th, the latest statistical report on Internet tracker Netcraft, global website in the past month and an increase of 18 million, the total rate of close to 3.8%, 504082040, 500 million mark for the first time. Since 90s in the world of the Internet began to spread, the global number of sites except a few times fell short, has been in a steady growth in 2010, the total global website once from 09 years to 250 million in 200 million, and this year will double the growth exceeded five hundred million mark. With the rise of e-commerce, social networking sites, mobile Internet three areas, the rapid development of the global Internet, is expected in the next few years, the number of global websites will continue to show growth.

Sites such as

, people have died, the site also has birth and death. At the same time, there are constantly new sites on the Internet, but also have been forced to shut down the old site for various reasons. The real vitality of the website has been constantly updated the proportion of the total amount of the site is not as good as the total amount of data on the global web site so gratifying. Data show that five hundred million of the world’s Web site, the real state of activity is currently only 151277928, accounting for the total of 30%. Only a month in September, there are 85 thousand sites to close or stop more fine to silence. It seems that the number of sites and the Internet boom seems to be proportional. Although the development of the Internet has led to the growth of the site, but the proportion of garbage sites than the growth rate is far greater than the number of really active site. The global trend of the Internet, the Internet has spread, and all kinds of station program launch and pro domain hosting price, set up a website is not difficult, this should be the main reason contributed to the growing number of websites. The development of the Internet so that the Internet industry continued to increase the breakdown of new industries and services, personal entrepreneurship also has a new platform, traditional industry marketing also has a new channel. This is to further promote the growth of the number of sites. However, the potential of the Internet market is relatively saturated, the expansion of the number of sites also contributed to the market order of the various sectors of the restructuring of norms, the survival of the fittest out of some do not have the innovation and vitality of the site.

environmental policy, unpredictable situation whether domestic web sites will be below 1 million 500 thousand?

the future of the Internet, whether domestic or foreign, a real leader in the field will only have two or three, social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, foreign and domestic have happy, everyone, Sina and Tencent is meager, group purchase, domestic and foreign Groupon, the U.S. group, handle. Giant monopoly coupled with market competition and saturation, the Internet industry continues to shrink the market, the development of personal entrepreneurship sites will be smaller and smaller. Although entrepreneurs fought, but it can be like Facebook, like mining vertical field, the local market, develop new products and services will be the optimal choice for the development of small and medium-sized personal website. The future of the Internet to maintain the growth in the number of websites

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