Mobile electricity supplier report tablet users single transaction volume of more than PC


Europe and the United States mobile business growth trend


Sohu IT market research firm BI Intelligence released a report to analyze the mobile e-commerce today, involving mobile payment, tablet shopping and SoLoMo (SOCIAL local mobile) influence marketing trend of mobile e-commerce growth.

below is a summary of the report:

· mobile shopping scale is large, sustained growth. 29% of U.S. smartphone users have been shopping through mobile phones. Mobile sales rose to 6.6% on Monday, the first Monday after Thanksgiving (2011), from $3.9% in 2010. Of (Bank America) predicts that by 2015, Europe and the United States shoppers will buy $67 billion 100 million worth of goods through smart phones and tablet PCs. Many other organizations are expected to usher in similar growth in mobile e-commerce.

· mobile payment solutions will help drive the growth of mobile e-commerce. As a direct link between the brand and consumers, mobile payment can bring value. Square and Google Wallet and other mobile payment services in the development of transaction solutions to provide shopping related services.

· tablet PC will be more used in mobile e-commerce. For a long time, consumers have been studying products through the tablet PC, the use of tablet PCs in shopping transactions more than smart phones. Tablet computers to e-commerce sites to bring more traffic than smart phones, tablet PCs average amount of each transaction is also higher than PC users. Given the explosive growth in tablet sales in the next few years, this trend will only become increasingly apparent.

· SoLoMo attractiveness. E – commerce is faced with two basic challenges: increasing consumer traffic and influential shopping decisions. Through location-based marketing campaigns, consumers will be attracted to shopping in stores. Through the in store mobile marketing activities, hesitant consumers will decide to buy a certain brand of products.

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