Ali cloud network officially merged Ali said strong investment in cloud computing

January 6th morning news, Alibaba group announced that Ali cloud and its subsidiary network will be merged into the new aliyun company, after the merger of "nets" brand will continue to retain, as the domain name service brand Ali cloud’s Alibaba, the group will continue to vigorously into cloud computing.


group said, with the Ali cloud and network, business, products and consistency for users based on the consideration, the two companies will fully integrate the resources. Ali group stressed that aliyun and nets after the merger, the existing network cloud hosting, cloud mail, website construction and related products such as enterprise application users, will continue the service.

nets CEO Zhang Xiangdong earlier in an interview with sina said that since the beginning of this year, Ali cloud and the two companies have been in strengthening the cooperative network. Ali cloud on the product, after Chinese million net and Ali cloud on the market at a uniform pace for customers." Zhang Xiangdong said that the vertical direction of the main customers are mobile Internet, traditional software vendors, e-commerce, small and medium enterprises, such as the establishment of several types of users, we must provide differentiated services.

said an insider, the Alibaba of the cloud computing architecture is network engineers and engineers constructed aliyun, and million net sales of existing cloud computing platform and Ali cloud host or also adopts the same cloud computing technology, so the merger belongs to it.

2011, the Alibaba has announced plans to spin off, China nets listed in the U.S. alone, and has been reported to the relevant securities regulatory authorities into the approval process, but after the announcement no below. The merger also means that a separate listing of complete abortion nets.

Ali cloud was founded in September 10, 2009, founded by Alibaba group investment, the main provider of cloud servers, open storage platform and cloud OS services. Which is the largest Chinese million net domain name registration services, Alibaba group in 2009 to 540 million yuan price will be under the command of their income.

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