Ali mother against cheating taking Amoy 320 million cheating Commission will be the return of funds


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news November 22nd, Alibaba’s mom announced, Taobao customers taking Taobao business crackdown cheating behavior and revealed that the Commission, as of now, a total freeze off Taobao Ali mother cheating Commission 320 million yuan, and has the full return of Taobao business.

also said Ali mother, who through non legitimate means of taking Taobao business commission, will resolutely freeze and return all the corresponding Taobao businesses, all means to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Taobao business platform, maintain order and fair environment health.

at the end of 2007, Ali group to build Ali mother Taobao passenger platform, many small sites and millions of businesses to promote the needs of Taobao docking. Taobao merchants can through this platform, to Taobao customers pay commission to promote the effect of access to the flow of passengers or. This model helps to achieve the value of small and medium sites, but also to help businesses get more opportunities to promote Taobao.

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, through 5 years of development, Ali mother has covered nearly 2 million small and medium sites. Alibaba every year also put a huge amount of manpower and resources, and a lot of sharing and subsidies to encourage Taobao customers and small website. 2013, Ali mother took 100 million yuan to set up a fund to promote the growth of Taobao customers. Nearly 3 years, for example, in 2011, Ali mother Taobao passenger commissions reached 1 billion 500 million; in 2012 2013 is expected to reach 3 billion commissions; commissions will reach 5 billion.

Ali mother said, the beginning of the year, Ali Mama anti cheat system to monitor a cheating molecule and gang such as cheating by hijacking traffic, bring the real situation sets of traffic and transactions in the Taobao business commission to go. These are the hard-earned money Taobao business, while there are many small and medium legal website operators to work hard.

Ali mother reiterated Ali mother and even Alibaba group, will do everything to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Taobao merchants. Mom has a set of perfect scientific anti cheating monitoring system, usually through improper means to obtain the Taobao business commission, will be firmly frozen, and the full return of the corresponding Taobao business. Ali mother will intensify efforts to crack down on violations, maintaining the healthy development of Taobao passenger market. For the use of improper means to obtain the people, Ali mother not only will not be tolerated, but also for the judicial means to pursue legal responsibilities.

to the outside rumors that Ali mother will freeze Taobao off the Commission for himself that Alibaba group vice president Wang Hua said that Ali mother’s duty is to safeguard the health of the Taobao platform off the normal operation, guarantee legal compliance management business and the interests of small and medium-sized websites. In the freezing of illegal commission return Taobao merchant process, Ali mother can not get a penny benefit.

Wang Hua also said that for some of the questions raised by Taobao customers, Ali mother also opened a special channel for one to one from

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