Baidu Post Bar anti piracy mad seal paste part of the literature to verify the process has now been

from the night before the beginning of the night, Baidu like crazy, like shutting down all kinds of language and literature paste it. According to statistics, the impact of the incident bar about 3000.

Baidu Post Bar anti piracy mad seal post part of the literature to verify the process has now been restored to open

by heart, Baidu shut down the post bar move is understandable, after all, these posts are filled with a large number of pirated literary works. But unfortunately, this action is a little big Baidu, a lot of it is lying gun.

, according to the Beijing Youth Daily reported that 23 was shut down in Baidu, about the post bar, such as the romance of the Three Kingdoms, the journey to the west, and so on, lying gun stick from the beginning of the beginning of the 24 day has been restored in the afternoon of 3000.

Three Kingdoms IT services group in the "no longer released a temporary event it with water" said in a statement, "the romance of it lying gun has been in the past, everything is back to normal, you like before to play good, no re released about the event to see the water paste, delete, serious trouble title! The gun lying Post Bar including characters are gradually restored."

in addition, the literature class paste it, such as the journey to the west, the water margin bar, a dream of Red Mansions have been re opened. In addition, because the lying gun was sealed and incur dissatisfaction with users such as school beauty, beauty, food, entertainment and other posts can also browse, post and comment.

, however, it is still open to open standards. In the fiction Post Bar as an example, belong to the same class of characters like Holmes, Post Bar, Invincible Eastern bar is normal open, but it is still like a flower and bone closed; Qing class Post Bar, Yong Zheng, Guangxu Dynasty open, such as the anling bar can not be opened.

is the same with "The Legend of Zhen Huan" as the theme of the Post Bar, harem The Legend of Zhen Huan closed, and _ Zhen Huan deduce can open. As for ghost blows, and Nirvana in Fire tomb, Zhu Xian, Tang three little and many other popular network literature Post Bar, more is to continue to prompt "sorry, according to the relevant laws and regulations and policies, it will not open".

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