Domain name NBA CN original holders evaporation is expected to trade 50 thousand

November 13th, according to informed sources, the original owner of the in the sale of the domain name, it will replace all contact details of the specific transaction.

November 13th, NBA Chinese announced the repurchase and enable the new domain name, but the two sides did not disclose more details of the acquisition transaction. However, according to informed sources in the domain name, NBA China and the original holders of will be a long time to reach a deal, but only recently officially announced.

said the person, the original owner of the has been employed in a Mdt InfoTech Ltd, a domain name registration service provider agent, in addition to, he also held,, and other domain names. After the sale of domain name, Wu will resign from the existing work, and closed the phone, QQ, MSN and other contact tools. The person expects the transaction amount of about $50 thousand.

but some industry insiders believe that, like NBA Chinese large enterprises generally by means of arbitration to retrieve the domain name, NBA CN China repurchase domain is probably mediate the results, therefore, the transaction amount is not too high.

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