360 will split the business and consumer business independent of the two companies

July 16th, which lasted a year long private Qihoo 360 announced the completion of the transaction, which means that the Qihoo 360 will no longer stock on the NYSE publicly traded at the same time, 360 foreign assets have been transferred to the territory of the two companies, namely Tianjin Qixin Tongda Technology Co. Ltd., Tianjin Qixin Zhicheng Technology Co. ltd..

subsequently, a lot of media on the market value of 360 yuan after the return of speculation.

360 is about to split business and consumer business

but in recent days, an Internet giant high-rise close to 36 krypton revealed that after the completion of the privatization of Qihoo 360, 360 will be formally split into two independent companies, the split has been finalized and 360 internal high-level Zhou Hongyi.

according to the informed sources say, the original 360 group will continue to operate, but from within the group to split out a separate company called 360 netlegend, focused on government and enterprises to provide security products and services.

"the purpose is to split the business services and consumer service differentiation, because the service groups, the characteristics of products and services are large differences, independence, each company can have a clear and focused goal," the insider told krypton 36.

interestingly, in late May last year, 360 had announced the enterprise security group, Qi Xiangdong served as CEO, and claimed that 360 enterprise security group 360 existing security technology integration, to provide enterprise customers based on data driven security security solutions and services.

in addition, in May 6th this year 360 netlegend debuted in 360, announced that the chairman and CEO of 360 netlegend is Qi Xiangdong, President Wu Yunkun. At the time, Qi Xiangdong said in 5 years time will be 360 netlegend into network security industry giants ultra billion market capitalization.

in this regard, insiders said 360 to 36 krypton, netlegend actually belong to the enterprise security, enterprise security is a brand of the following. But according to Qi Xiangdong’s statement at that time, has confirmed 360 netlegend will directly become an independent company operation.

however, after the discovery of krypton 36 reporters through the information publicity system of national enterprise information database, and not a "360 enterprise security group", "360 netlegend" related company business registration.

but in June 22nd this year has just registered a 360 network security (Beijing) Co. Ltd., the state has been in the "business", a Qihoo in Beijing science and Technology Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned corporate shareholders.


360 (Beijing) network security Co., Limited registered information.

and the company’s registration time, is in private Qihoo 360 a month ago, nearly completed.

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