Behind the government ticket electricity supplier price war go from here

8· 15 electric commercial war has long been extinguished, but around the electricity supplier price war discussion continues, regulators had been silent finally in September 5th issued their own voice.

media reports, the NDRC Price Supervision Bureau has electricity supplier "price war" launched a preliminary investigation that 8· 15 the price war in the process, the electricity supplier promotional behavior suspected of original fiction, consumer fraud, and plans to punish Suning, Gome, Jingdong, but the specific amount of punishment has not been determined, and the first to take this "price war" of the Jingdong in September 5th also confirmed the Commission’s investigation and punishment facts.

policy intervention, let this incident focus has changed, the outside world had to curated by Liu Qiangdong has long been the micro-blog marketing triggered the "price war" more opinion, whether it will change shopping habits and boundaries China consumers online and offline, who is the real winner in this field and the price


deceived consumers in micro-blog generally use the Tucao to participate in price wars Jingdong, and the United States and other electricity providers giant originally found, but with the attention this event down, although there are some consumers said never to Jingdong shopping, but from the ALEXA traffic rank, and third party data 8· after 15, the major electricity supplier website traffic and although shipments have declined, but the ratio of 8· 15 years ago still has been greatly improved.

in fact, even in the first state of the United States, Suning store almost every week will be staged in the price war, the first price and then the price, original fiction, and lack of inventory are the metropolis newspaper weekly emerge in an endless stream, published many promotional information to the scene no goods, but this does not change from the traditional consumer department to change appliance chain shopping habits, but also did not change the electrical chain over the past 10 years of rapid growth trend.

Liu Qiangdong is perhaps to see this point, under the banner of "low price to meet consumer demand" banner, trying to use online low price to attract price sensitive consumers to online shopping, several years of rapid growth of the Jingdong before the view goal has been achieved in part, but pay more attention to the shopping experience of all electric field in Jingdong consumers have no big breakthrough, according to Liu Qiangdong, all current online sales scale of less than 20 billion yuan, less than 2% of the overall sales of home appliances.

regulators, for the investigation of three electricity supplier from the current point of view is just to hard to show real punishment shocking results, because of its electricity supplier management laws and regulations are not perfect, this is before the electricity supplier industry false promotion, an important reason for rampant fakes, so experts have called for is developed the "e-commerce marketing operations specifications and standards as soon as possible, let the law enforcement investigation agency.

although regulatory punishment results >

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