We visited nearly ten stores found not all of the fire

from Taobao to reputation, this twelve, Ali for a new battlefield


text / Deng Heng Yang Lin

in the last few years, owing to the consumer, is a double eleven carnival. But considering Ali on the mobile payment scene attention, consumption and in the line of attention, Ali and Alipay last year to restart the reputation, the home court has twelve from online to the next line.

The twelve

lasted from December 10th to 12, a total of three days. Alibaba’s reputation of Alipay to disclose data show that in the first day of Alipay reputation twelve, a total of 49 million people took to the streets last year, twelve day number is 28 million.

from the geographical point of view, the number of people involved in Beijing is 2 million 200 thousand people, the enthusiasm index ranked the country’s second only to Shanghai and Hangzhou. From the point of view the scene, a large shopping mall this year twelve passenger flow mainly concentrated, so this reputation is also mainly in the shopping mall with each district.

double 12 under the line of the explosive force in the end how?

1 pm today, 36 krypton, Chaoyang Joy came the reputation of Alipay double 12 key partners. In twelve reputation discount merchants mainly concentrated in the food and retail.

main 50 percent off food category, is the largest flow of people.

One of the businesses, Watsons

next to the bakery Dole’s day also participated in the activities of the 50 percent off – word of mouth, 20 yuan cap. 36 see krypton, less than 30 square meters of the store is full of people, where is the checkout queue. The person in charge of the store, said today, a day, consumer customers than the average working day higher than 50%, the customer price increase is about 60%. The responsible person said, Dole’s Day seldom do none other activities, "the upcoming Christmas and new year’s day, there will be no discount, this is a twelve line this year under the maximum discount".

36 krypton visited Chaoyang joy restaurant, restaurants are found only in 10, Saturday is the day to participate in activities, and did not like any other industry that lasted for three days. 36 krypton also found that different restaurant shuangshier fanquan use different rules, such as Guangdong is spending 50 yuan to send two 25 yuan tickets, and Xibei village grandmother is back over 100 yuan two 50 yuan ticket. Grandma fanquan use conditions, within one month of consumption can be used for 200 yuan, Xibei village Fanxuan only in the noon Monday to Friday.

Guangdong clerk of 36 krypton said that last year reputation incentives intensity greater than this year, is spending 50 direct discount, but she believes that this year’s event better effect.

according to grandma’s manager, guests usually use Alipay payment of approximately 1/5, 10 day activities increase >

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