Online education passive open content is the weakness of traditional education

as Robin Li said, the Internet is changing the traditional industries, taxi software has health care and medical head broken and bleeding, the traditional industry nonaggression, and online education has developed more than ten years, the change of traditional education has little effect.

However, the domestic

has more and more people to join the online education market, the former president of NetEase portal division Li Yong founded the chalk net turnover, Jiayuan founder Gong Haiyan also give up the identity of the CEO listed companies set up 91 net foreign teachers, Sina education deputy editor Tang Xiaoyun served as editor in chief of operations to join a network, entrepreneurs and capital raging like a storm. New projects and patterns emerge in an endless stream.

from SNS, micro-blog, APP to chat rooms, online education through a variety of means to explore the Internet beyond the traditional education industry to "practice" the survival rules, content and different experience has also become a full complement of traditional education, on the one hand, online education is from the traditional education industry continue to absorb resources and experience, on the other hand capability in the virtual world of the Internet people are online education into the traditional education "outside the law".

in a new wave of entrepreneurship, online education, how to think through the Internet game traditional industries in the absence of coercive power to ensure the effectiveness of education?

the Wudaokou salon invited in the chat network co-founder Xu Dechen, COO ninth class Huang Youcan, deputy general manager of campus learning and thinking, Feng Lei work together with the founder Tang Xiaoyun, iCanMusicCEO Wei Kaiyuan, who open class co-founder Zhang Youming, Zhenge fund analyst Gu Minman, a vice president of Youdao Dictionary products, commercial products for bauta and other guests, as well as Gobi venture capital Jingwei venture partner Wang Guodong and analyst Xiong Fei to discuss, online education, current situation and future.

opportunities: knowledge and skills do not match

"there are a lot of first-class universities in the country, but what is taught in college is a serious mismatch with what is needed in the actual workplace or life." Ninth classroom COO Huang Youcan said, this is the opportunity for online education.

compared with traditional education, in the content to a much wider range of online education, in ninth, more than a few minutes, the class website, you can see how makeup, how to overcome procrastination, and how to enhance the well-being of other courses, the content is far beyond the scope of traditional education can carry.

ninth class defines itself as the skills and experience to enjoy the numerous trading sites, users can create their own curriculum, set the start time and tuition fees, in fact, a lot of content has exceeded the "Curriculum" category, and traditional education content be quite different.

this type of content audience younger in the chat network co-founder Xu Dechen believes that the old generation of online learning, online education and the future is the well-being of certain young people, young people should think the online education, developed after years.

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