The United States will require the Ministry of justice to closely monitor YAHOO Google advertising c

Beijing on October 3rd news: the United States Congress members in charge of antitrust days before sent a letter to the U.S. Department of justice, that the search advertising cooperation YAHOO and Google will produce the effect of competition on the market, asked the Justice Department to closely monitor this cooperation.

made the appeal is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee antitrust sub committee from Wisconsin Democrat Cole Herbert ·.

Cole said that a member of the group of YAHOO and Google advertising cooperation after the study concluded that this cooperation will bring a serious impact on market competition". Progress of the Ministry of justice courtown urged the United States to continue to monitor this cooperation.

currently, the U.S. Department of justice is on YAHOO and Google advertising cooperation to review, in order to decide whether to intervene. On Thursday, the Justice Department did not comment on the press, but reiterated its position.

according to the cooperation between the two sides, YAHOO will be placed in some of the results of the search keywords from the Google keyword advertising, because the Google system is more intelligent, more powerful search advertising revenue. YAHOO is in the face of the background of the acquisition of Microsoft malicious acquisition of this cooperation. Earlier, YAHOO rejected a similar proposal Google cooperation.

since then, many people in the advertising industry raised objections, they believe that Google and YAHOO teamed up, will limit the competition in the online advertising industry, thereby increasing the price of advertising, and reduce user selectivity.

is known to all, Microsoft Corp has been calling and urging the U.S. Department of justice and the relevant departments to cooperate with YAHOO Google audit and stop. ( (


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