Men’s website dissemination of pornographic video jailed for 10 years

Liandu District People’s Court of Lishui city of Zhejiang province

4 according to the dissemination of pornographic materials and sentenced to "80" after the flood a guy was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and fined 130 thousand yuan; the illegal proceeds shall be confiscated.

, a 27 year old Hong, at a time when the Internet, accidentally discovered a movie website forum, with interest, soon learned how to make a movie website.

Liandu District procuratorate accused

, at the beginning of 2010, Hong through foreign server built 4 movie website on the Internet, and advertising information link to their website, earn advertising revenue from. In the same year on September, hung on its own 4 movie sites into a variety of pornographic videos for users to download and watch. The public security organs remote investigation and identification, to the October 2011 incident, the 4 sites were pornographic video files 710, website traffic amounted to 1300 million, get advertising revenue totaling 12 yuan.

court believes that Mr. Hong for the purpose of making profits, the use of obscene electronic information to increase advertising hits, the act of disrupting the order of social administration, if the circumstances are especially serious, have constituted the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials. According to the facts of the crime, pleaded guilty attitude and show repentance, then the above verdict.

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