Taobao zern off contest broadcast events first the birth of participating enthusiasm

by CEEN to Admin5 zern station network jointly organized 2011CEEN zern · world famous shoes Taobao guest promotion contest "start has been nearly a week of time, the number of participants continued to increase in Keyou is part of Taobao! At the start of an event after that event, now also in the promotion of products for tension zern website, adding the battle for


game on the first day: "first prize winner

was born!

want ID for "Apple 88 dollars" friend "won the first award, to win the tournament’s first single transaction, products sold 499 yuan [Babylon] series of" Di Griess "breathable casual shoes, which is one of the hot models for grace. "Apple 88 dollars" in advance of the event is already zern Taobao customers, promotion results is quite awesome, it should be the product and location of zern have a considerable understanding. So he can win the prize deserved, can get 100 yuan bill reward

!In addition to the Sina

micro-blog first prize forwarding activities also previously announced five winners, the next month will be held second of the prize forwarding activities, please continue to focus on. There are more awards waiting to be announced! Look forward to the outbreak of the Taobao universe! Win with CEEN!

[Mr] has something to say

(below) invites our professional judge, Mr., to comment on the performance of the contestants in the past week.


about template

template thing, we have a special consultation. The organizers for everyone Taobao custom template (QQ group 42832577), at dedecms and Z-blog and WordPress. Three program, I think the organizers will also continue to focus on the needs of the people, to provide technical support for more.

about promotion page

I took a look at the current single page site. Single page station will have a problem: the chain is not strong, if after the single chain support is relatively easy to K, it is difficult for a long time ah.

I suggest:

1, do

keyword analysis, and starting from many aspects as far as possible, such as: "shoes brand ranking" and "shoes" with zern shoes a little words. Zern leather shoes is the core word, many finally can not update because the keyword analysis this step is not good, not good keywords can not do the content analysis. Do we need to face the user, but also need to face the search engine, everyone is really good.

2, if you use the SEO technique, recommend more accurate keywords, plus zern brand keywords, because in my years of business experience, the customer search when buying a product of the times is not one. For example: "zern" brand word, then "zern >

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