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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network May 8th news, today officially announced the acquisition of 58 city chinahr.com. After the completion of the acquisition of chinahr.com will operate independently, independent and maintain the brand team.

it is understood that the acquisition of the project will be divided into two stages: chinahr.com original parent company of Ireland Shanglong group, will exit the business in China, and will be responsible for the follow-up matters related with staff. In the 58 city transaction, in addition to the completion of chinahr.com brand assets, and will employ part of team staff.

chinahr.com was founded in 1997, the United States in 2005 to the recruitment website giant Monster inject $50 million, accounting for 40% of the shares; at the beginning of 2006, Monster and the price of $19 million 900 thousand acquisition of its 5% stake, and signed three years listed on the gambling agreement; in 2008, due to the failure of gambling again, Monster invested $174 million the remaining 55% of the shares into the bag, so far, chinahr.com became a wholly owned subsidiary of Monster.

today, the Chinese Elite skill already changed hands again, less than a year. This from a set of data can also be seen in   app downloads only 200 thousand downloads in 2013, and the defendants have exceeded 6 million, although chinahr.com online there is a little accumulation, but the line is still unable to force. But outsiders largely due to what is not down to earth "".

recruitment business is an important part of the 58 city classified information business, mainly for blue collar. In April 17th announced the merger and ganji.com, Yao Jinbo had publicly said it will continue to expand the scope of business 58. As a comprehensive classification information website, 58 city recruitment business mainly for blue collar recruitment in this segment, the acquisition of chinahr.com to 58 city of the recruitment of complementary businesses to provide recruitment services.

about the deal, 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo said: "chinahr.com is a brand with 18 years of precipitation, have high visibility in the field of recruitment. We are recognized by chinahr.com brand accumulation, and its professional team. I hope with the help of chinahr.com in the high-end talent and well-known enterprises in the brand influence, the 58 city achieve recruitment field coverage. At the same time as the 58 city China users of the largest recruitment website will play to the advantages of the platform to support in product optimization, market development, future chinahr.com to a better state show in front of everyone."

this is the acquisition of 58 city, to chinahr.com is also good news, recruitment business has always been an important part of the 58 city, the future integration of resources may be reborn to chinahr.com!

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