Enterprise online marketing of the worm can be ruthless you know


Hello, long time no write and share, perhaps the main reason is I go to the market from the technology, now the most important work is to run the market to meet customer demand, to solve customer consultation with the shortest, the most effective way, that I have to share this time

feel it!

a lot of times, when I face business owners, they always ask me the same question: do network marketing can make me earn money?". Faced with this problem, I do not know how to answer, but for me it will be answered from the following aspects:

1, who do you want to earn?

everyone wants to earn money to make money, but you always want to have a direction, there are always customers! If you are on your own customer groups positioning is not very clear, your own profit point in? Do you want to make money through the Internet, but I do not feel a bit difficult.

for example: some time ago to do a children’s amusement equipment boss called me, he want to consult how products are combined with the Internet to increase sales, I asked you what is the product of customer groups? He said that most of them are some vagrant, it is those who do not work or older some people, they want to buy a child’s amusement equipment, then put in the square to play a much money, the boss is for these customers to sell their products.

we feel he is able to give these people the way of product sales through the Internet? In fact, vagrant, this position is too broad, without a clear standard of classification, for example: initial entrepreneurs, small traders, shopping malls, stores, if these people do not clear positioning, do not know what these people are concerned about what do you think of this product, through Internet sales, improve their sales may be a bit difficult.

2, how do you want to make money?

The traditional

industry through online promotion is to obtain profits, the problem is you want in those ways, for example: some products let go of sales, or increase the price or brand route, is free to improve attention and so on. No matter which one you choose, you should always have a goal!

for example: one of my clients is a high frequency vibrator, according to saying it is "motor". I called to ask him if he wants to promote their products, he said he wanted to make a website for others to buy my stuff, may be in his concept of the site is sales. I asked if he wanted to go on the line of the brand, he said we are just a small manufacturer, do not need to play the brand advertising, that may be too expensive; then I asked if he wanted to come up with several products to reduce sales prices, he said we had relatively small profit margin, then there is no profit. I think he has since said that, free of charge to send the impossible.

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