By Baidu under the influence of the breakdown of algorithm 2 green industry

in July 1st after Baidu Scindapsus algorithm upgrade again, the target is more clear, for some sites around the promotion of the soft release phenomenon, but also a statement, in addition to filter clean up the garbage outside the chain, but also to punish the target site. Many of my friends will think of Baidu that was suddenly for some promotion of soft, will blow to many industries, the industry will be affected by the breakdown of what.

1, medical industry.

said the medical industry is indeed a lot of soft promotion, and the medical industry by this kind of soft Wen promotion way. In fact, look at some of the health care industry, the marketing of soft is still good, but only by chance. A lot of the promotion of soft Wen, or simply can not be soft article. We tend to go into the wrong, as long as it is published in the news network must be news or soft, in fact, the soft foundation is still far from. Good marketing soft text will be the idea of marketing into your thinking, and now the medical profession rarely have this kind of soft wen.

so, we see from the "Baidu" in the 2 update algorithm Scindapsus aureus announcement is not difficult to see that the general medical industry do typical is the news source, will send some promotional types of articles, as the said: "the promotion of soft paper". However, such an article, I believe that the promotion of the medical profession have probably know this article is in order to rank, the user is doing most of the search for regional keywords. However, many health care industry will now consider this article to respect the user experience, but in fact the combination of articles is not worth reading.

2, educational institutions.

educational institutions will generally use a number of news networks to enhance their site rankings, while doing more to achieve a certain brand marketing. However, the educational institutions using the news media platform, made the same mistake and the medical profession, is doing brand marketing, more attention is the ranking of the article.

The original purpose of

is to deviate, so the effect is not correct. Therefore, the more educational institutions to promote the way for the key words, the use of key words accumulation, repeated in the article several times, although sometimes will achieve the effect. However, to read the article, read it again, it is clear that your article is simply not read, so that the simulation of the user experience, you do not want to see their own, not to mention the user?

3, Taobao site.

general Taobao guest site mostly used some free templates directly copied, and the promotion of products similar, the content must be identical in large area. The main push to make sure the main keywords and long tail keywords, Baidu ranking, if the weight is the medicine, will generally choose good slimming products, long tail keywords from the analysis of data can be reasonable, such as "what kind of diet pills" etc.. When a user searches for a web site,

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