Storm TV announced the completion of the 200 million round of financing A said the valuation of up t

August 8th news, storm TV today announced the acquisition of 200 million yuan A round of financing, said the valuation of $2 billion after financing.


it is reported that this financing is hurricane TV in July 2015 after the establishment of the first round of financing, the official said, "create a year to a new record of 4 times the valuation of financing and valuation of the growth rate of Internet tv".


announcement shows that in the subsidiary of Shenzhen storm commander Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the storm TV) capital increase, Ningbo Airlines Chen investment management cooperative enterprises to storm TV capital of 200 million yuan, the shareholding ratio of 10%.

TV is a storm in May 2015 released "DT global entertainment strategy" after the release of the first strategic level business, July 2015, the group announced a joint goodaymart, Austrian flying animation, founded Sannuo digital storm TV.

storm TV CEO Liu Yaoping said, the success of the financing will further enhance the strength of the storm TV, increase investment, to create innovative and better home Internet service experience and products for consumers."

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